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  1. Not surprised to be honest. With all the distribution issues out of Havana just getting regular production out and 2019 Edicion Limitada, I suspect we will see these in 2021
  2. Haven’t been at it as long as you but going on ten years this September and obviously dated before that. Shortly after we started dating, I started buying her flowers every week. 11 years later, still at it. Always have had fresh flowers in the house. This was last weekend. Costco has great prices for roses and other varieties. Any easy choice.
  3. I am thinking that I must log my exception to the name of the rum.....haha
  4. I was told today by someone in Cuba that there are currently 40 cases confirmed and 1005 possible but waiting for confirmation of the test.
  5. Someone just showed me. Mostly just saw lots of ladies hiding behind fake names.
  6. I don’t even remember my password for it. I will expect lots of chatter
  7. Is this the second time my list was posted here...... I have officially gone viral.
  8. There is no shortage of tobacco as I am told that they are stockpiling the excess in case of another draught.
  9. No, it’s fine. Just funny how you got it off a Canadian Cigar group. Actually what they said about the rollers was when I was with Ben
  10. Sigh. I need to start putting watermarks on my info in the future apparently. With regards to level 9 rollers, I stated that they could make it in 9-12 months. Many take much longer if they ever reach that level at all.

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