The Great Plume Hunt...

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As you know, my friend Bwana is after some samples of Plume, mold etc... I don't know, sending a moldy cigar when you know it is mold seems a bit silly but I get the concept.

In order to help a brother out and advance science :rotfl:I am seriously looking though boxes of cigars for plume. No, I don't believe in plume, pixies or pink pony unicorns, but what the hell, when a mate calls you to arms, you man up... right?

Open up some boxes mates and snap a pic or two and post them up. If nothing more than for the fun of it and showing our host he is being supported.

Rob, brother, if I find plume, or a pink pony unicorn, I am sending him to Oz...!

Cheers! -Piggy

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I'll get with the program.  I've already posted this picture I believe.  I'm not sure I believe in Plume or whatever either but if what we're after is what we think is "Plume" then this is the example I would post.  I know these have been stored right and to the left are three of the exact same cigar from nearly a year later.  And yes I know I know this "Plume" takes years and years to develop and all that, but here's my best example of where I think the oils are potentially turning into something other than fuzzy mold.  




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