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Found 5 results

  1. This stickied thread is being established to provide a clearinghouse for information, links, resources, and discussion about cigar surface phenomena this includes topics such as: mold versus bloom does plume actually exist can bloom be induced, and if so, under what conditions does plume affect the smoking experience etc. Please feel free to post your info and I will bring the best into this opening post. Cheers, Wilkey
  2. Dear all, May I have your opinion regarding my cigars please? I have just 2 cigars with soft white powder, which comes away easily and while I rub it off it feels oily, no stains residues after rubbing nor any kind of awkward smell. I’ve rubed both cigars about 3 to 4 weeks ago and again, that kind of soft white powder started coming up again. The other cigars are intect without any sign of that white powder for over 1 month from the first time that I’ve noticed it on those 2 cigars in the pictures. Thank You in Advance for all your help Kind Regards, Sergio
  3. As you know, my friend Bwana is after some samples of Plume, mold etc... I don't know, sending a moldy cigar when you know it is mold seems a bit silly but I get the concept. In order to help a brother out and advance science I am seriously looking though boxes of cigars for plume. No, I don't believe in plume, pixies or pink pony unicorns, but what the hell, when a mate calls you to arms, you man up... right? Open up some boxes mates and snap a pic or two and post them up. If nothing more than for the fun of it and showing our host he is being supported. Rob, brother, if I find plume, or a pink pony unicorn, I am sending him to Oz...! Cheers! -Piggy
  4. Well Rob asked for reviews. Nothing extraordinary for me I am afraid. I am kinda buried in work, hurt my back, which is exaggerated daily by having to treat an eye infection in one of my horses, thusly causing me to have to hang on him to treat his eye while he thrashes his head about and my back with it..! My little dog Trashy is sick too but I managed to get her (Trashy the dog, not the horse) into my wife’s lap and hang on the porch for a while with a ’01 HdM du Roi. Now I hate to confuse threads but we have been talking a’lot about plume lately… So I venture into a box of du Roi’s and all hell broke loose! Well, I dropped the box on the floor of the shop and ‘my God,’ I was knee deep in a bloomin’ mess! The cigar itself was about average, bloom, plume, but no real kaboom. Now if I were the main line, “what’s wrong with my robusto type” I would likely be going on about how this cigar was past its prime, perhaps it was napping, this must be vacuum period (x to the n) or other such hogwash in an attempt to broadly paint a whole box of cigars, suggesting that they are not individuals, or somehow taking responsibility for the fact that the Cubes rolled a dud…! Okay, the cigar was not bad, but not up to my typical smoking standard. There just was not a lot of flavor there, nor complexity or nuance that would have inclined me to write great things about it. It was just kind of boring… Now back to the blummin’ plume. See attached photographic evidence! Remember, you saw it here first! This is the cigar nested in the pile of plume as the result of the box hitting the floor! You should note that special photographic equipment was used. By using a spherical lens from a past century (that is a crystal ball for those of you don’t follow Egyptian photographic archeology) and a unique concave mirror, made of depleted uranium and polished to expose only the neutrons and protons without the interference of electrons… yes, I can do this at home, but that is another topic, I was able to sneak up and catch a reflection of the phenomenon. With this special lens I was able to capture the mythical black plume. Back plume, as you all know reflect zero light and is only theorized by those herfing next to black holes. The smoke you see, gets sucked into the black hole and the plume is spit out somewhere on the other side of the universe… I cannot believe that it end up in my box of du Rois (but you should take my word for it). Also, please note the appearance of the helical ‘unicorn’ plume…! Its chromosome design indicates that this plume may have been a part of the original primordial soup (it all tastes like chicken anyway) that eventually would become part of humanity! There is something about that twisted shape that just reminds me… of me! That sums it up mates. All the proof you will ever need. Of what, I don’t exactly know!!! Thanks for reading! -the Lucky Pig

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