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My wife and I went on a four day driving/food tour of Northern Spain for her birthday over the weekend. A trip we have been meaning to do for years. Bilbao, Longono, Pamplona and San Sebastian. Fantas

Ok this was from a few days ago but still. Hard day of work for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

That's no petit corona, sweetheart.

Guest photorob


Last of my CoRo. Sad to see this one burn, but to my palate I believe I'm smoking it at it's perfect age. So delicious

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Enjoying a PSP Monte 4 this morning, before the rest of the family arrive for Easter Sunday lunch and the chaos that will ensue.

As an aside, I'm wearing a Wham! Choose Life t-shirt. This probably makes me ineligible to win anything.



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Fired up the smoker at 500am. 12lbs Boston Butt, one chicken, beef ribs, and armadillo eggs. After dinner BPC, quickly becoming my favorite!

That all looks amazing!

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A very windy day at the beach which kept the cigar burn going wonky. Fantastic day out, first time my 9 month daughter got to see the sea and dip her tiny feet in it.


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A RyJ short churchill after a nice dinner...

Was followed by a Bolivar PC - I have been smoking them like they are going out of style! Great cigar - really tasty even when it's 0c outside!

Both were paired with a Bundaberg MDC.


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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