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So, my wife made me this silver ingot that I keep on my punch cutter. She makes custom jewelry, so it was a 5 minute job for her, and considering we have pieces of precious metals laying everywhere around the house, did not cost me anything. The ingot is about 35g, 22mm x 22mm x 5mm. She has offered to engrave it for me, but I cannot come up with what to write there. Seeing how it is now a cigar accessory as well, it has something to do with cigars. My only idea was "Habanos Only", but it sounds kinda boring...

What would you guys have written there?


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I like the idea of the habanos logo or maybe the logo of your favorite marca if you have one. Just have your wife put a personal note on the back to personalize it.

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I would go with FOH if it was ok with Prez.

Not a bad idea. Put Friends of Habanos and the famous Monkey logo on it and that product will literally walk out the door! lmao.gif What a perfect match for the upcoming FoH ashtray and lighter!

On a serious note, if El Pres was okay with it, a small amount, like 5 of them, would be awesome for giveaways. lol3.gif

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Hmm, I like the idea of habanos leaf. Just pitched the idea to her and she said "she will see what she can do."

Pictures of completed piece will follow. No time frame though.

Thanks for the ideas!!

i'll be expecting one by mail as a gift for my idea lol! Cant wait to see the finished product

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