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  1. When she's happy she does not question the amounts i spend on cigars. win/win
  2. Thanks for the heads up. i'll be in the bay area from the 15th to dec 2nd. Might try to get permission from the wife to try it out while she shops or whatever!
  3. Some are great, some are ok, some are just terrible as in a waste of money. I tend to hunt down the cuba RE's when I visit the island because they can only be found there and its a souvenir of the trip for me. As for all the other RE releases every year, if its RA and I ahve a group doing a split i'll buy a couple to try. Most RE's i have or smoked were from box splits, rarely i'll invest in a full box of them. I'd much rather just stick to regular production. some great great cigars out there at a much better price.
  4. That Track looks like a receipe for disaster for Engines and brakes. Holy!
  5. A lot of canadian boxes in that pile. You from canada?
  6. Best cigar i smoked in septmber was a ERDM Infantes Cuba RE. man o man have these gotten so much better over the past 12 months.
  7. Americans got it good. Your dollar trades at par with CUC, and you can basically bring back what you want as long as you have factura's essentially. As a canadian citizen I can only bring back 50/person and on top of that my canadian dollar is worth like 0.70 cuc since the CUC trades at the us dollar. man o man. Good news for you guys for sure.
  8. I played two rounds over the last two days at a little par 3 course not to far from where I live. holes range from 79 to 125 yards. the fact that I pared two of the holes yesterday and nearly birdied one of them is encouraging for me. I've just really started playing golf two years ago, and still have yet to take a lesson. I've been learning mostly with youtube coaches and it has helped but if I can I'll take some lessons over the summer. My plan is to try to play that par 3 course every other week or so and try to play a regular course once a month.
  9. Long weekend here in Canada, and In the states too if i'm not mistaken...i'm going to do my darndest to get a round in this weekend at some point
  10. I voted for blend 1 but both sound appealing. Blend one would make a nice morning / afternoon cigar. Blend 2 would make a great after dinner cigar with a nice wine or port or rum
  11. WITB : Ben Hogan CS3 10.5 Driver Cobra 3 and 5 wood TaylorMade RocketBladez 4-A TaylorMade Ghost Putter Need to buy wedges, a new 3 and 5 wood
  12. Thats the driver I have as well the Ben Hogan CS3. No sense in changing drivers right now...I did not hear great things about the SLDR...maybe look at an R15.
  13. Yes. I have a cigar clip that I attach to my push cart and I light up at least one cigar during my round. I play horribly lol so it distracts me from all my bad shots! but even as I get better I will keep smoking a cigar on the course until the day the cigar nazi's ban that pleasure for us as well
  14. Hey fellas, I figured a good number of us must be golfers on here. I thought to start a thread where we can talk all things golf...Latest rounds played, reviews on different courses, a WITB, new clubs in the bag, PGA tourneys and all things golf...and cigars as well. So this is my second summer where i'm talking golf seriously. Last summer I changed my irons for some TaylorMade Rocked Bladez (stupid name btw...) and I bought a new TaylorMade ghost putter as well. I still have my Ben Hogan Driver. Next purchase will be lob wedges, 56 and 60 degrees. i'll try to get a pic up later on. Plan for this summer is to take lessons, try to get in 3-4 rounds a month on a local par 3 course close to my place to practice my short game, and 1 round a month on a regular course. I hit the range at least once a week as well. Howbout you guys?
  15. Until May 25th where a smoking ban on all outdoor patios comes into effect in Quebec...
  16. Thank you all for your well wishes. It always amazes me how tobacco can bring a group of strangers together and build friendships. If only the nazi governement would realise this. CIgars are not Cigarettes...
  17. Rob, Thank you very much for making this happen Mate. You are a great friend. I'll never forget when you took time out of your schedule to personally call me when things were bleak for me. This is a great community and one that i'm very proud to be a member of for many years and many years to come.
  18. as gorgeous as it is...id rather buy a nice car with that kind of money
  19. I'll give a quick background to this story for those who dont know me or are new here. I've been on this forum for a while now. I've gotten the pleasure to smoke with many of the boys on here from Toronto and Montreal. I'm proud to call these botl's friends. So long ass story short, 4 years ago, my wife at the time left me. It sucked. I was in a very bad way. The Botl's on this forum took it upon themselfs to cheer me up, check up on me, and sent me a massive get well package. Fast foward 4 years, after their support and always being there for me, i've grown form that experience and met someone new almost 3 years ago. I proposed to her on new years eve, and for some strange reason she actually said yes! Word gets around of this, and well the Toronto boys once again took it upon themselfs to surprise me yet again. I get home and have a package waiting for me, from the land of OZ...I'm curious because i didnt order any cigars. So I get home and open the box. Its from the Toronto Boys. This time they have sent me an early wedding present. They bought me the FOH Ashtray. My word its a thing of beauty. I want to personally thank Alex, Art, Enis, Frank, Gary, Keith and Tony for their generosity. I've been blessed to have met such great people through this online forum. Its crazy how a bunch of tobacco leaves rolled together can bring perfect strangers together. Cant wait to smoke with you boys in Montreal soon! Thank you so much, it was completly unexepected and very very appriciated. Going to christen this ashtray in style. Lighting up a Diplomaticos Exellencia that I bought in Havana in January, the first trip me and my fiance have taken together since we started dating.

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