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  1. About 15 years ago a friend of mine was working on a house and found a bottle of Canadian whiskey dated somewhere in 1920s. I told him to contact an auction house and get some money for it (we were in late teens back then). I didn't get mad at him because he didn't make a single call. I didn't even get mad at him because he didn't invite me to drink it. But when I heard that he mixed it with coke........
  2. The events are devastating, to say the least. The only two casualties reported were of an auto collision during an evacuation that took lives of two passengers of an SUV, as it collided with a tractor trailer. I have a friend from university who lives in Form Mac. I haven't talked to him in a while but sometimes check out his facebook page to see what he is up to. His posts within the last 10 days are unbelievable: April 26 - Him and his girlfriend are in Cuba smoking cigars, May 3 - they are packing for evac, hoping to return to a house.
  3. Just a quick roundup here... (please note if someone voted for 2 or more, only 1st marca mentioned was counted) Results so far: Party - 16 Cohiba - 14 RA - 10 Upmann - 9 + 1 my vote. Boli - 6 Monte - 5 HDM - 3 SLR - 3 Punch - 2 Pl, VR, ERDM, Diplo, Trini - 1
  4. Busy day for our media today... Brussels, now this... Rest in peace, Mr Ford.
  5. No, it wont be cheaper. As people mentioned before, 1cuc = 25 pesos. Some stores have two price tags, one for each currency. Technically you can exchange cucs to pesos, but at the end of the day, you will spend the same amount of money...
  6. Hmm, I like the idea of habanos leaf. Just pitched the idea to her and she said "she will see what she can do." Pictures of completed piece will follow. No time frame though. Thanks for the ideas!!
  7. So, my wife made me this silver ingot that I keep on my punch cutter. She makes custom jewelry, so it was a 5 minute job for her, and considering we have pieces of precious metals laying everywhere around the house, did not cost me anything. The ingot is about 35g, 22mm x 22mm x 5mm. She has offered to engrave it for me, but I cannot come up with what to write there. Seeing how it is now a cigar accessory as well, it has something to do with cigars. My only idea was "Habanos Only", but it sounds kinda boring... What would you guys have written there?
  8. Ok, I have to ask. What on earth has you moving to Mongolia? I would imagine it's a country where its own population is trying to get out of. What work do you do there?
  9. Interesting thread. I will definitely try the app once I get home. In regards to some of the questions: I believe Cohiba has 4 lineas - Classic, 1492, Maduro 5, Behike. Maduro 5 IS a separate line that includes Genios, Magicos and Secretos. Thats about all that I can answer with my limited knowledge.
  10. Well, that's just excellent news! Congratulations! April will come faster than you think. Much happiness and health to both mommy and your future son! As a father of a young child I can say this: in April, you will experience the most stressful and unforgettable day of your life. Remember to take deep breaths and you and your wife will do just fine. And at the end of that day, you will be rewarded with the greatest gift of all. May your whole family have many happy years ahead!
  11. Precisely how I found the website. Except that my guy on the beach was Julio.
  12. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I am a newbie cigar smoker. For the past year I have been bumming my friend's cigars when we meet at his house for a bbq or something. He has a nice collection of Cohibas that he got from Cuba (that sob got 4(!!!!) boxes of various Cohiba (!!!!!) as a present from an american who lives and works in Cuba, whom he met on his trip...) Anyway, on my most recent trip to Cuba I decided to pick up a box for Monte's No 4. Smoked half of it during my stay there, enjoying every puff. Upon my return I showed the rest of the box to my friend, proud of what a good deal I got for it, to what my friend responded "Well, at least you were not smoking banana leaves".... Apparently 25CUC for the box was too good a deal... So, now, after devouring all the information I got from this forum, CC website and other sources, I'm waiting for delivery of my very own, first humidor and a box of what I am hoping to be the real Monte's No 4...

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