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  1. You are dead on right about this and I think they still have the video on YouTube up where Simon Chase is inspecting a cabinet found in the cellar of some English gentleman that held 1000 Upmann perfectos. They were stored in bundles only back in the late 1800's.
  2. Yep, nicotine definitely plays havoc on your sleep. I quit smoking cigarettes a little over two weeks ago and made the mistake of putting a patch on before bed, thinking it would keep me from waking up due to withdrawal. Nope, I had the most horrible and vivid dreams I've ever had. Much better sleep without the patch. I'm also staying away from cigars and any tobacco products for at least 3 months so I can free myself from the nicotine addiction. My buying habits have ramped up though as I'll never quit cigars completely. I just don't want to constantly have the nicotine monkey on my back and figured I'll enjoy my cigars much more if I can taste them better and smoke them for enjoyment only and not because I'm addicted.
  3. Because they've heard the noncuban missile manufacturers state that high ligero content cigars will age well and have the legs to go for years. The thing is, ligero doesn't age nearly as well as good seco in my opinion. And the lighter, milder Habanos age well because any of the young, noxious attributes will be pushed aside to allow the actual flavors that are there to come to the forefront. As the cigar ages and loses its hygroscopic properties to a degree, flavors will become sharper and more defined, think concentrated. This is why, I think, people say that some cigars gain strength over time. Cigars DO NOT gain strength nicotine-wise over time for the simple fact that nicotine breaks down over time, becomes denatured, it's molecular structure weakens. That I will stand behind 100% but I can see why people say that strength becomes magnified over time but it is the flavors that become amplified, magnified, and concentrated. Although I can't stand his videos, Dr Joe does get a few things right in his "Aging Series" videos although he's basically parroting what MRN says in his book and he does make the mistake of saying that they specifically gain strength nicotine-wise over time, which again, is wrong.
  4. I would be interested as well. From my experience and from what I've heard others say, they were rather just bland toasted tobacco and that's it.
  5. I only suggested this if the pack was crunchy and completely dried out and wasn't recharging by other methods.
  6. Yes, Happy Valentines Day Diana! You are truly one of the few women who light up my days and nights. Even though I've never met you I feel that you are an important fixture in my life.
  7. After ordering from several "gray market" vendors and getting junk from them for the most part I then went to ordering strictly from LCDH's located in Canada, Luxembourg, and Germany. From the LCDH's I got better product more consistently but for the most part it was PE grade cigars AND you paid for it. And even though I would ask for a certain color of wrapper and request that the box have a strong barnyard odor at cold, it seemed that when I got my boxes from them, my requests had fallen on deaf ears. I'd always meant to order from Rob but at first I was hesitant. I didn't like the fact that I was trusting someone else to grade my boxes AND a add or subtract to the price of that box based on its grade. I don't know why that got to me because it's now one of the major positives of the whole transaction. I also didn't like that you had to scramble before everyone else if you wanted a certain box, I didn't like the "race" aspect of the whole transaction. It is now part of the intrigue and excitement. I didn't like the fact that only certain boxes were available but I now have a better understanding of Cuban cigars and I'm now thankful that only certain cigars are available in PSP/HQ grades. The final results have been that I, who buys at least 2 boxes a week sometimes more, would never even think about buying from anybody else unless it was a box of cigars like the RA 225. But then again, I'm also a guy who doesn't direct my monies towards LE's or RE's. I'm a regular production guy only, in fact I don't have one LE or RE box of cigars out of the 115 or so boxes I have in storage. I know I'm probably missing out as some of them can be quite good from what I hear and read but I'd just rather buy a reg production cigar and let time do its thing to them and see what the reward will be down the road. Everything I disliked about Robs PSP program were things that have come to have great value for me and I don't know that there's an online vendor like him in the entire world. His prices, for Americans, is a lot of times equal to or sometimes lower than you can get them in Cuba for and even the PSP priced cigars are right on par with what you would pay from a grey market vendor. The guys service cannot be beat in my mind. If you're truly looking to get into buying, smoking, and laying down boxes of cigars for the long term, then you would be doing yourself a great service by purchasing from Czar Club! Period!
  8. Yep, I'm waiting on my box also. It always gets to me when I see others getting their boxes yet my boxes have yet to leave Los Angeles.
  9. Happy birthday Rob and thank you for being the best Habano dealer in the world. After going through many vendors, I mean that! Hope you have many many more years of being a positive presence on this planet as there's not many who put out the positivity you do. Thank you.
  10. Just as with fine wines, you take in as much information concerning your cigars of interest as you can, and then lay your money down, basically making a bet that this box is going to be the jackpot. As with wines, no matter how expensive, it's a gamble that usually leaves the bettor left wanting but when that bet pays off, it makes it all worth it. I'd rather have things like this than the predictable and monotonous regularity that is the new world cigar purchase. You pretty much know what you're getting and because of this, rarely are you pleasantly surprised.
  11. I think one of the best documentaries out there right now relating to this sort of thing is the new SOMM: Into the Bottle. As you watch it, you think "They need to make a documentary about Cuban cigars just like this doc." By the way Smallclub, I've always loved your avatar, whatever it is.
  12. Couldn't have said it better. I don't care how rich one is, once this "bug"/ passion hits you, you're spending is only limited by the amount you make each month. We all have "healthy" cigar budgets here, believe that. I sometimes wonder what Diana thinks about me and everyone else here. On one hand she/they have to love it and probably count their blessings for getting into such a livelihood, and on the other hand they must think we have mental problems and a bad case of OCD or hoarding. It's just the nature of the beast.
  13. That's exactly what I've been doing for about the last 2 years, and fervently! I guess I have the foresight to be able to recognize that as a US citizen, we are in a very ripe and advantageous window of time that will only last for a short time. I already missed out on the Davidoff window of being able to easily acquire these for a reasonable price or the pre-95 Cubans. And if there's one thing I've learned from those missed opportunities,it's that I can recognize an opportunistic buying window much better today.
  14. That is one of the main reasons I buy in quantities that would make a normal person think I'm crazy. I have a good feeling that in 20 years time, one will have a very hard time getting their hands on a box of fine Havana cigars without paying an outrageous price on top of it being an illegal product. Cuban cigars are one of my few pleasures that I allow myself. I don't drink anymore, or very rarely, and I don't do drugs nor frequent brothels or the company of women of ill repute so Cuban cigars are my one and only guilty pleasure although nothing about them makes me feel guilty. I will continue to purchase at a maddening pace until the quality goes down considerably or I'm no longer able to acquire them.

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