Diplomaticos Colleccion Privada - Spanish 2012 RE

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4 x 50 (petit robusto)



I'm going to start off saying I'm not the biggest fan of Diplomaticos, in fact that's pretty generous, I strongly dislike them. I can see how people do love them but I just don't enjoy the profile. So it was with a little hesitation that I went in on a box split but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Construction feels good, nice oil on the wrapper and very nice aroma; strong sweet cedar. Cutting reveals a slightly too tight draw with quite a few stems in the filler. Not bad enough to cause problems but a tad on the too tight side.

The first few puffs are not full of flavour, in fact the most noticeable thing is clouds of sweet smoke that scream Diplomaticos. Luckily the flavour builds quickly as the burn takes hold and the most prominent flavour is marsh mellow. Nothing else to describe here, it's pure marsh mellow that has just started to warm on the fire. Not overly sweet, just the right amount but that gooey softness is there in spades. This is great but it is a one trick pony at the moment, no other flavours at all, which isn't a bad thing for a stick this size.

Second third the sweetness has changed to a caramelised sugar, essentially this is pure toasted marsh mellows that are just ready to be eaten. The only other flavour that is new is a raw heated sugar element, very similar to candy floss/cotton candy. I've always been impressed by the strength of personality of some of these short robustos, great cigars for when you just fancy a change from your regular rotation. This is certainly a first for me in terms of the marsh mellow and candy floss.

Getting into the final third now and as was expected the youth starts to show a little here, the burn has started to loose concentration and is wandering all over the place. There is a raw youth to the cigar here but not in the usual way. The sweetness has changed to a burnt sugar, which still keeps a hint of the sweet but is more along the lines of if you have started to burn your marsh mellow on the camp fire. The candy floss has completely gone now but again the marsh mellow flavour is still here but has followed the theme, starting off toasted, changing to gloopy in the second third and now starting to brown and burn. The only thing this resembles right now is a hot gloopy marsh mellow goo, slightly burnt but not ruined. The whole cigar has been balanced from start to finish and this final third really shows promise for a few years down the line.

Is it Diplomaticos? It has the DNA of that cream and nut but it is more like a family cousin. The first third showed the most similarity to the marca flavour profile, the nut only showing slight hints and the cream being the soft sugary marsh mellow. It's certainly closest to Diplomaticos than any other Cuban cigar out there, maybe a bit of a love child between a well aged RyJ PC and a Dip 4.

If you have a sweet tooth and have always loved the idea of a confectionery/willy wonka cigar then grab some, the price is decent for the experience in my opinion. I'm certainly glad I took a chance and picked some up.


1hour smoking time

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I just ordered a few boxes of these. I'm usually not one to get hung up on RE's but these have really intrigued me. Can't wait to try them.

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Interesting. Wasn't even really paying attention before to these even coming out. A very small size though - short robusto releases again?! But, the Dip blend in a robusto gauge is something many have been interested in / wanting for quite some time.

What's the general pricing of these? Someone PM me please...

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Hmmmm, interesting. Yes, it's a small cigar, but considering the price and being a 10-box, I may have to pony up for a box or two of these then when my regional retailer gets some of these in.

Sounds interesting. Packaging looks kinda nice too - not too flashy, but still stands out from other Diplomaticos.

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Trying to find these......

I don't know how they are filtering down the chain but whatever arrived to start with has already gone. Only 5000 boxes of 10 so people are picking up two or three boxes each so maybe really you could say there are only around 1500/2000 'buying opportunities' ?

I'm guessing from talking to people and travellers looking in store that a couple thousand of boxes have gone already unsure.png

I honestly don't know if the whole 5000 was dished out in one lot (If so then realistically they are all gone already, eg Barca was already emptied a few weeks ago) or they are letting the release out in two or three lots.

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I didn't like the first one I smoked - and it had no resemblance to any Dip that I've ever smoked. Maybe I got a bum box or I just have a palate like a billy goat. ;)

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