Songs that have you dry retching

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When I don't have sports on the Deck TV I have MTV classics.

I cringe everytime I hear two songs......James Blunt's "Your Beautiful" and Bonny Tyler's .....well anything of Bonny Tyler. I crawl in a foetal position at the sound of "Bright Eyes/Total Eclipse of the Heart".

What are the songs that get you dry retching?

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I cringe everytime I hear two songs......James Blunt's "Your Beautiful"....

Awwwww, come on. Probably one of the only "love songs" out there that has swearing in it, talking about being freaking high and such. LOL.

But for me, anything Celine Dion (but especially that Titanic song).

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Most U2, many Rolling Stones, a lot of poppy Beatles, all Bob Dylan, most music from Bollywood films, pretty much any newish teeny bopper music (Taylor Swift, Bieber, any American Idol winner, etc...) almost any jazz, most electronika/house/techno/trip-hop/ and certainly muzak. This list will grow the more I think of it...

Oh and people who whistle or hum constantly...

I know what I like, and I certainly know what I don't!

dylan? say it isn't so.

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anything whitney houston or bob marley (i was stuck in the back of a truck for 7 months while imbeciles played nothing else).

'i've never been to me' is a crime against humanity. that dreadful squeaky minnie ripperton thing.

rob, clearly we'll be listening to some bonnie tyler next review. okay, i don't actually have any but if i did... 'holding on for a hero' at the end of shrek is a classic.

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I dare anyone to top this dry retch inducing, traumatizing drivel: Dan Hill's Sometime When We Touch. Thanks a lot Rob. No sooner the question asked - that damned song is in my head and how am I to get to bed now? Curses on you.

Re previous posts:

Springsteen - whether you agree or not with the world view captured in his lyrics, he is unquestionably America's greatest modern day poet and should be celebrated as such. His Streets of Philadelphia is his most honest and humanizing effort in my opinion.

Bono - not so relevant now, and yes often times pompous, but who on this forum isn't - really let's take an honest look at ourselves. Besides I really like the U2 sound.

Celine Dion - that Titanic song: I have not and never will watch that movie just to avoid hearing it again.

Abba: guilty pleasure there (don't tell anyone as I will deny it to my dying breath).

Beiber: God is merciful as I have been spare the agony of ever hearing anything from him.

Now if you will excuse me I will dig out a hammer out my tool box and pound Dan Hill out of my head.


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Anything by ABBA, James Blunt and the Eagles.

James Blunt: anyone who can command an armored reconn unit in Kosovo, happens to be a damned good skier, and writes love songs deserves a certain amount of slack...

Eagles: early favorite of mine, but much of their songs have worn thin with time - still one or two gems left.

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