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  1. I don't mind Christmas at all. BBQ and beers with friends or family doesn't get much better. However I do not like going to the city/Chermside around that time, having worked mostly in retail I know what Christmas time can be like. This year will be great though as it is the first Christmas that neither my fiance or myself have to work so we will actually be able to spend a decent amount of time off together and to top it off, by the time Christmas rolls around she will be my wife and not fiance! Also for an interesting array of gifts/generally awesome things try
  2. Seems like most of it has already been covered. 1. Definitely get an RC flight simulator great for practice and if it's raining outside. There is one called FMS, it is free and very basic, but does the job. 2. I would recommend going electric, perhaps a largish highwing trainer. That way you don't need to fly at a club and can fly at a cricket/footy field. This is what I have always done and have never had any issues. Most people are curious and will come up and chat. 3. Perhaps get an experienced pilot to help setup the plane and also get a buddy cable, this mean that the experienced pilot has a transmitter linked to the students and can always regain control if things go downhill. 4. Another thing I would also recommend doing if you think it is a hobby that he will pursue, is not getting a kit. Buy things seperately so that they are interchangeable and he is not limited. My .02c I'm sure I have some spare parts that I can part with if you would like receivers, servos, etc. will have a look and see what I can scrounge up. Good luck with it, it is a great hobby!
  3. How do you find it? Do they add any flavour at all? I'm very interested in trying these.
  4. Hahaha this is hilarious! There are times I wish I could respond to some of the emails i have to deal with like that. I can't understand how some people can just go all in with the accusations up front also, certainly not doing themselves any favours.
  5. Stands for Not Safe For Work, as opposed to SFW - Safe For Work.
  6. Not sure how many redditors there are here but this was on reddit recently, although everyone was doing it with chocolate hahaha. Theres a thread somewhere that has a picture someone drew in CAD showing what actually happens.
  7. I would probably smoke at least one a week, possibly up to three as opposed to one every one to two weeks currently. I would probably try a bit of everything.
  8. Still haven't tried as many cigars as I would like but the Trinidad Reyes have won me over.
  9. Pretty jealous of the collections so far! I don't have my scotch collection as big as I would like it yet, but at the moment I am focussing on my homebrew beer.
  10. No worries at all! They have some awesome craft beers down at Archive as well.
  11. Yep certainly is. Up above Archive is the Loft pretty good place to chill with a beer and cigar.

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