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  1. Check out the Asylum 9x90 "april fools". That thing should have its own tinder account
  2. If I’ve learned anything, it’s all about tone. Say it wrong, and you’re the asshole. Say it right, and you’re the exasperated dad who would really love some time to refresh and relax before getting back to the dishes. 😉
  3. Yes definitely a hobby unlike any other when it comes to allowing others to partake in experiences they might not be able to do on their own.
  4. I've got a box with 10 out of 12 remaning. I look at it now like a father does a sleeping newborn child.
  5. the perfec draw has never been such an apt tool as it is now...
  6. Amen to all of this. Pretty much summed up my thinking.
  7. my thoughts around that are more "reinvestment" versus a money making play. I've got a few older boxes as well along with some rares that I'd be willing to part with, only to use those funds to purchase more new boxes. Gotta keep yourself in the game!
  8. I've done this with both of my boys. Even if they choose not to smoke em when they get to the right age, I'll have some nice aging smokes to engage in. Pick either cigar - what you'll remember is the moment that you celebrated it, and the feeling you had doing it. The cigar will be irrelevant. Oh and you can also write the date on the band - so at least you can memorialize it a bit further. Welcome to the Monkey House.
  9. Always willing to be a taste tester for the best NCs on the market!
  10. This cigar screams 6'er to me on 24/24. Cant wait for that magical unicorn day. 😉
  11. Of course - I'm simply referencing the aformentioned places - the sauters, no 6s, davidoffs of the world.

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