Little Wing.....Jimi vs Stevie

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I know we have a lot of music lovers on this forum. Which version of Little Wing do you prefer.....Jimi's of Stevie's

Both are top 100 songs of all time in my book, but SRV's guitar made a haunting sound.


I am here:,-87.070671

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There are many great versions - I love the Sting version as posted here - I liked that before I really got into Jimi or SRV.

Posted Yesterday, 09:40 PM

Jimi of course! SRV plays too nervously to me, he should settle down a bit.

How about this:

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Jimi was a legend but SRV took it to another level.

I love them both for different reasons and Jimi was Stevie's hero so he would probably say Jimi played it better.

Both passed way to young and i believe their best music was yet to be played. Stevie was playing at such a high level when he passed. We were robbed of some great music.

One of the my favorite players of all time.

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