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  1. Hi all, I used to be really active here in the early 2010s but I took a long hiatus from cigars. Since covid I got back into it so I figured I’d pop back in to say hi. I hope to see some familiar faces
  2. Dec 13 Monsdale. The rest will sleep for a good while. Great potential
  3. Hmmm. Probably sir Winston or dip 4. It would be a really hard decision between the two.
  4. Boli French regional (liberators) It was a perfect smoke.
  5. Probably something big since I always get distracted on nye. I have a few 98 hoyo dc lying around for just such an occasion. Or a RAG/punch dc
  6. Jace had the shot of the week. Took a large doe at 400 yards.
  7. Partagas. The only one I like is the corona senior and even that one isn't one of my go to sticks.
  8. I'm leaving today and I didn't take any deer which is fine by me since I've taken three during archery season. But I did get to see a ton of activity plus spent a lot of time smoking and eating delicious homemade food. Frittatas in progress.
  9. I went out this morning at 6am. Saw a bunch of deer running around (nothing I was going to shoot). Came back in and passed out. Just woke up to one of our camp members playing the accordion right by my head. At least there is fresh bacon cooking and hot coffee.

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