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  1. Great first album 8/10. Added to my collection at the time by winning the cassette tape at one of those games at the Asbury Park boardwalk.
  2. I happen to like these, but I think I liked your review just as much. If I only had a palate [emoji53]
  3. This, assuming you’ll be in Andorra la Vella. Was last there Sep. 2019 and The Cigar Shop on Meritxell was a couple blocks from my hotel. There was also another, smaller location more central to the shopping district. And a LCDH on the Plaza Coprinceps. Smaller than TCS, but still decent and prices were considered among the best outside Cuba. However that was 2 1/2 years ago and both prices and selection are likely to have changed some.
  4. I really like this line in both wrappers, and the #6 is my preferred size along with the #35. In the top three of my favorite NCs.
  5. Thumbs up on the humidor, I’d love to have it. The price...... not so much
  6. Thank you for taking the time to post. Very interesting read!
  7. I think I’d be more sympathetic to this argument if it was true, and sick unvaccinated stayed home to live (or die) with their choice. But they don’t. Many are showing up in hospitals where they endanger other, immuno-compromised, patients, children too young to be vaccinated, and medical workers who may be in the unlucky 5-10% for whom the vaccine is ineffective.
  8. The situation has to be pretty disappointing to the thousands of healthcare workers throughout the world who risked their lives, working incredible hours under heartbreaking conditions to get us to the point of having a vaccine, only to have a substantial percentage refuse it. Not to mention the poor countries in the world who would love to have vaccines but can’t get them. The danger is that as the virus continues to spread it will continue to mutate. One of these mutations may prove impervious to the vaccine putting humanity back at square one. There’s also the possibility that a mutation will “screw up” and become extremely lethal.
  9. A German Shepherd, Doberman and a cat have died. All three are faced with God who wants to know what they believe in. The German shepherd says: "I believe in discipline training and loyalty to my master." "Good," says God. "Then sit down on my right side. Doberman, what do you believe in?" The Doberman answers: "I believe in the love, care and protection of my master." Ah," said God. "You may sit to my left." Then he looks at the cat and asks, "And what do you believe in?" The cat answers: "I believe you're sitting in my seat."
  10. This. I was there this past September and the weather was beautiful for smoking outside, which is my preference anyway. I enjoyed some outdoor areas like the Parc de la Cuitadella, Playa Barceloneta, and Mont Juic. I took the cable car to the top, but didn’t tour the castle (for an entrance fee) because I’ve been there before. I walked around the grounds and found a nice quiet bench to smoke on. I’m not a big “foodie” but I highly recommend Eixampeling Brunch Cafe and Bar. I had lunch there and the food was very good, dish very interesting, and reasonably priced. I don’t remember everything in this dish but it included shredded chicken, grilled pumpkin, fried cheese [emoji846]
  11. Hoping for the best for Aussie members, their friends and families, and everyone else affected (2 legged and 4 legged). The pictures appearing on social media are horrible.
  12. I didn’t read the first four books until after season one, and later DoD when it was released, and was impressed with how “true” season one had been to the first book. As the HBO seasons went on, they were less true to the books but that was understandable. The books are complex and long with many story lines happening at once. I agree with others that the problems with seasons 7 and 8 are a combination of not having GRRM’s books to rely on, as well as inexplicable (to me) decision to rush thru the final part of the story. Regardless, I consider the combined 8 seasons among the best television ever produced.

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