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Great pics, Myles! I'm wicked glad I could make it. Chris and I had a blast. Also, Rob, thanks for the rs12... smoking it now. :)

Also, it was great to meet a bunch of brothers I don't talk with too frequently... I guess I'll have to hang around here more often. ;)

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More, please :)

Would also be great to put names to the faces - any chance you can list people's handles from the forum?

Wish I was there :(

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Thanks for posting the pictures from last night. It was awesome meeting some other fellow BOTL and not smoking by myself for a change!

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You guys had Hamlet AND Rob AND all the Toronto area FOH'ers.....in one place.....wow :party:

Looks like an extraordinary time, fellas! I am very happy you could show Rob and Hamlet a great time!

If I have any regrets of what I am doing right now :lifepreserver: ....it is that I missed this. Would have given almost anything to be there (and it isn't just wishful thinking, as you know I live in BC - my fiancee is in Toronto for the summer, so If I wasn't where I am now, I would be with her in Toronto....and damn well would have been at the herf!)

Keep the Pictures coming! :thumbsup:

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Great, thanks for sharing.

...and for the record, when this pig meats (pun intentional) his maker, don't go putting no fat Cohiba in my mouth!!! -LOL


Not to worry Piggy we will make sure that it is a long and skinny ;)

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