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  1. this is hilarious to read and see that red NSFW mark. not the photo I expect when it has that marking. seems so stupid and backwards!
  2. omg. this photo makes me so emotional.I wish that I bought 50 for myself too. I dare\ say that if this was the only cigar i smoke the rest of my life, I would be ok with that.
  3. finish it off in a pipe, there are ways to make it work.
  4. you have to smoke it from the cut end so your mouth keeps it from unraveling! lol
  5. Revisiting this. I don’t think I can afford a house here. What the heck is going on with the property market. Crazy!
  6. thanks Mr Surgeon. I saw the updated reg and was doing a general search so this is helpful!
  7. has anyone been to Winston's smoke club?
  8. I will remind the community that cigars are keto FRIENDLY.... 😉 stay clean FTW
  9. i am a keto guy; I use chcken breast or steak. but broccoli is the basis of all my meals.

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