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Hello and congratulations!

I purchased an Aristocrat Model M myself about 6 months ago. I absolutely love it. I had two options added to my unit,

1) an extra pull-out drawer for loose cigars, and

2) an extra cooling unit. It gets VERY hot (+40 Deg. C./105 Deg. F) and dry in the coastal desert region where I live. Adding another cooing unit was suggested by the Gentleman at Aristocrat Humidors as a means to "load share" the heat exchange. I'm glad I did.

After tweaking the control settings a bit, the temp stays at 21 Deg. C/70 Deg. F. and 68% RH. My cigars are doing really well inside this perfect vitola chamber. Some of my older sticks have developed signs of bloom already, which as most cigar enthusiasts know, is the sign that a cigar that has been stored in the perfect atmospheric conditions over time. I have been asked by some of my cigar-smoking buddies to send a few pics, which I haven't done, so I should get out the old Kodak and snap a few shots for posting.

Be patient, it takes a while for the conditioning process to take hold, I expedited the process by placing a few open shallow plastic storage containers with distilled water on the shelves to help increase the amount of available moisture for the cedar to absorb. That helped too.


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