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  1. Another box bites the dust.... these have been wonderful. Honey and cream all day long.... Always helps being hand picked by El Prez
  2. A box from the locker arrived safe and sound. Punch DC. Smoked one last night and wow - outstanding right out of the box. Thanks Pres.
  3. An interesting experiment and looking forward to seeing the results. I'd question if there's one RH value to rule them all. Tastes are all subjective and humidty does play into that.
  4. PSP Monte 2's from 2010. Looking forward to digging into these over the weekend. Thx Czar
  5. Sure, LFTH (Live from the Humidor) was like a real-time sale of boxes. Pres would ship his picks from the warehouse to work and then place each box up for sale. Each post was selling THAT box, with a real picture of just THAT box. First come first serve. LITH or LITW (Live in the Warehouse) was when Pres would be at the warehouse unpacking the master cases he and he would randomly find something he would post it up. While he was in the warehouse you could make request and he would do a little hunting for you if that item was around. Either way, PSP was really the 1% grade at that time. Today high end HQ and PSP are quite available in most 24:24 so that's gotta be good news in terms of increased quality. Statically, the PSP may not be the 1% anymore.
  6. Good statical information. One other thing your report brought to mind was the amount of PSP being sold these days. 6, 7 years ago PSP was like a diamond in the rough, maybe a box, two, or three a month. It was common for LFTH or LITH to have none. Quality sure has increased. I say that from speculation only, I'm still smoking through my hoardings of 2008 through 2010's and probably will be for a few more years.
  7. Good judgement comes from experience Experience comes from bad judgement
  8. The 01 Siglo V you sent me earlier in the year knocks my socks off every time.
  9. I am good for 3-4 a week. I've been all over the spectrum but now feel the less i smoke the more I enjoy.
  10. Yes, there are specifically blended customs, but most custom cigars I have are a pretty big mixed bag... whatever is available that day is what gets used to make the custom cigar. Because you get a batch of coronas this month does not mean they'll be the same next, etc...
  11. Rob is a outstanding host. It's a great self aging service.
  12. Both wrappers look to be oily, I can't tell construction from a picture though. The main disparity appears to be the shade of the wrapper leaf but I'm not sure how that cooresponds to quality?

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