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  1. There’s an interview with Clare Torry about her session recording Great Gig that’s a hoot. Worth watching if you can find it
  2. “Miss Jean Louise, Miss Jean Louise stand-up, your fathers passing” To Kill A Mocking Bird.
  3. I am usually more focused on my game and enjoying the company I'm golfing with. When I've taken cigars to share with the group it has been C&C usually of a PC size, (Boli or perhaps a Partagas PCE). Funny just noticed we joined FOH the same week, keep it in the fairway.
  4. Pretty Happy to be from here, LUB 2014 Mag 46 today.
  5. Tried one from the ESO Feb 2014 box and it was excellent, but young. Medium to full bodied, balanced and although no roughness these will IMHO be better smoked in a couple of more years. Balanced flavors of earthiness, cedar and sweet undertones through out, what i love about Bolivar. I look very much forward to this box a little more down the road.
  6. Definitely important for us to maintain contact with close friends, we do this through Zoom, phone calls and our patio. I believe the importance of physical well being also helps with mental and emotional health. We also limit the amount of news coverage we watch. Both of us have hobbies which we have more time for and as mentioned by Brighton Corgi. great opportunities to get engaged in learning something new. About a month ago my wife and I also decided that Wednesdays will be adventure day. We will travel for the day to somewhere around the lower mainland of Fraser Valley for a nice lunch out and some photography. And very important to relax each afternoon with a nice cigar. In BC we all say, Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.
  7. These were a few notes I posted some years back, on a box of 02's. I think I also had a box of 03's but don't have any notes on those. Review #68: APR 02 Great cigar same box I reviewed from 2 years back. Shared with a fellow habanos brother these still have all the fullness and Bolivar depth I love. We both commented how you would often expect a larger ring cigar to be milder, bit not the case with these. - Submitted by randallp on June 8, 2009 I don't care to smoke BCG until they have some time down (min 5 years) I have always found them full and great depth of flavors, which as mention by miamipadronsmoker most times I find sweetness, cream and for myself the distinct earthiness I associate with Bolivar. I have on occasion had hints of anise which I would sometimes find in the Inmensas. I have an unopened box ESO Feb 14, I'll try one in the coming days and post some thoughts, (probably be a brute at this age though)

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