have won the Cuban Lottery!

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...and you have the equivalent of $500 USD or $1000 AUD to spend on cigars (not much of a lottery :daydream: )

The catch is you have to take it in cigars....

Put your order in...lets see whats ringing your bell.

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Whatever has been discontinued, from the Marcas of Partagas, SLR, Sancho Panza, Diplomaticos, Rafael Gonzalez and El Rey Del Mundo. Whatever happens to cross the bow first from those brands, I'd buy with my lottery winnings, until I hit the $500 mark.

This is assuming I was in Cuba when I won the lottery......

If the lottery stipulated purchasing from a certain Australian vendor of repute.....I'd go with an HQ box of Cohiba Lanceros and a 10 Box of Montecristo #1s. That should put me right at $500!

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did a quick run on the website...

a box of SAINT LUIS REY SERIE A - the review did it for me

a box of HOYO DE MONTERREY LE HOYO DES DIEUX - sample one a while ago need more

5 TRINIDAD ROBUSTO "T" SINGLES - have yet to try

2 BOLIVAR CORONAS EXTRA SINGLES - a size i heard about but haven't tried yet

499.35 US from the store front...

thanks :D

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Ok I get the question now, I was like Pigfish when i first looked at the post.

I would get:

1. One box Punch RS #11

2. One box Punch RS #12

3. One box Diplomaticos # 4

4. Trinidad Robusto T singles

Then figure away to get them home without paying duty to those money sucking vampires at Customs.... Hummmm wait a minute, lottery winnings are tax exempt! :D

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Montecristo A...I'd pay the difference out of pocket.

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I'd have Hamlet roll me a selection of churchills, dalias, and corona gordas.

good call, I was thinking I'd blow it on a psp box of sir winnies and from the other end of the scale a 12er of Trini can keep the change if there is any - easy come easy go...

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Atm it would be the Cohiba Corona Especial HQ box :)

First tasted these in a Selection Reserva Box and all I can say is WOW.

Lots of cream and abit spicy I have been saving for more ever since.

Also have my eye out for another Selection Reserva but thats another story :D


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box PSD 4 for now

HOYO DE MONTERREY LE HOYO DES DIEUX to age after seeing how drunk the cigar got the prez in his video review, well, maybe he was drunk before the review

Then maybe a few CCE's to smoke whenever I feel like it

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