The prices on the new Behike .

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I just got the info today. :rotfl:

Here are the prices of the new Behike on the general Swiss market if

you buy them IN SWITZERLAND.

Cohiba , BHK 52 ( 37 CHF = 25.80 Euros = 34.66 USD )

Cohiba , BHK 54 ( 49 CHF = 34.16 Euros = 45.88 USD )

Cohiba , BHK 56 ( 53 CHF = 36.95 Euros = 49.62 USD )

I would think that these are average prices that will be practiced in Europe,

A bite more or less depending on the country, excluding, of course,

the UK where I imagine the prices will be absolutely outrageous but,

they will have the EMS label on each box. :rotfl:


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I'd really like to hear from someone that say's they're worth it. As it's a new product, I'm interested in trying it, but just can't get off my wallet to say, yea, I'll drop $50 on one cigar. Unless someone says, 'damn these are great smokes!'.

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I thought they where going to be priced a lot higher. I will definitely try and 10 pack to test them out or last least wait till a few guys post a review on here then pull the trigger!

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I definitely think they are worth a try...maybe a box split before buying a box on my own. Would be interested in giving each of the sizes a try.

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We should have our prices in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully not so drastic :buddies:

:angry: Y-Y-Y-A-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y!!!

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