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I am here in the humidor for the next couple of hours updating our Premium Sampler range and adding some PE stock to the Forum PE section. Feel free to ask any questions you may have :D

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Any nice box of HdM Des Dieux?

Nothing worthwhile but I am keeping my eye out.

I have a lovely box (my last) of aged Le Hoyo du Dauphin RSE SEP 01. I will miss these, personal favourite.


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HQ or PSP for Dip #4's, PLPC's

Most of the guys have cottoned onto the fact that the current batch of PE Partagas D 4 are the pick of the month to date. Great Flavour and we have been goring ourselves on them. They have not reached HQ due in the main to a few wrapper blemishes.

$194 USD $450 AUD while I am on. Have a half dozen at or near this standard. Contact Lisa


Very good PLPC are thin on the ground. This is a PE Box just a sliver shy of HQ but the best I have seen in some time. $ 244.50 USD $600 AUD while I am on.


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Hey Rob, any HQ/PSP Party SDC's #2 or #3 in our future? Also - I noticed those wicked ERDM Choix Supremes that made it to PSP a couple of weeks ago - is there ever anything that good in a 50 Cab?

Thanks Rob!

Checking out some PSDC 1's shortly. No good 2's. No ERDM CX in 50's of any decent standard.

Cracker box of HQ PSDC No 3


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Hey Prez, any cracker 898V's? I've been holding out for a good box.

After a great run of Partagas 898 V they have come off the boil. This is the best PE of what I have. Slight crack on one of the feet so 10% off.


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Good luck with your "Quest"

I totally agree,there are hidden gems out there,but finding them like everything else is the hard part :2thumbs:

But once acquired they will taste all the better and well worth the effort ;)

Cheers Oz :cigar:

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Hi Pres! When you get back on it today, let me know if you run across any boxes of Molinos that you would recommend.


Add me to the list for a box of Molinos if you find some, Pres.

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