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  1. decided to make a quick temp purchase and got a Vector Knight in gunmetal. I'm very impressed, surprisingly so. It's a cheap lighter, and I got it cheaper on ebay, just under $17 shipped, and it's brand new. It's nice and heavy, feels like great quality and it looks great. Once I try it out I might decide I don't even need anything else
  2. just got back from bed bath and beyond. man, i really underestimated the size of these things, it's pretty darn big
  3. just googled this, then found this looks identical. I guess the lighter manufacturers sell to other companies who rebrand them. But I'm curious why the nitro clone at bed bath and beyond is half the price of the nitro. doesn't look as pretty but still. I think I'll go check that out in person
  4. hmm, that is quite convenient. I do want something a bit stylish though, even if it's in a rugged kinda way, which is why I like the vector nitro and blazer. A torch meant for creme brulee would be fine but I'm thinking it might be harder to find reviews/comments, and not sure how reliable they may be? hmm, just found this again, almost the build is identical to the vector nitro, the design slighty different from the amazon link I posted. I assume Vector manufactures them all? I might try this one. half the price of the vector and I should be able to get it locally I think
  5. Looking to buy one of these tabletop badass lighters like the vector nitro, or this blazer that I recently stumbled upon Anyone use one of these? I would like to be able to use it for cigars, but also cooking. I also saw this one, which looks identical to the nitro, just different colors Probably worth the extra cost to just get the vector for the warranty though, but I thought it was interesting to see either way any comments/suggestions are much appreciated
  6. a simple answer would be you know which cigars you really enjoy, and those are the ones, I assume, you smoke on a regular basis. the new cigars, good, bad, great, just might not reach the level of your favorites, so they all pale in comparison. I know I am like this with beer. I love trying new beers, searching for great ones, but no matter how many I try I never find one I like as much as my current favorite.
  7. that line was very confusing the first time I read it yesterday. I think it may mean the people rolling the cigars.
  8. Nice lighter. How big is that thing? I've never seen a good reference pic
  9. I decided to use another vendor for a lighter, based on price. I think I may be paying the consequences. We don't have a list of poor merchant/retailers to avoid do we?
  10. Ahhhh damn. I just realized I've got a 7 oclock dinner reservation for sunday night, early valentines day. Well, I wish everyone luck, sorry I can't make it

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