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  1. Great review of one of my fav all time Cigars. I smoked most of mine in that 14/15/16 yr range and loved the development of flavors while still retaining some of mongrel as rob would say. Interesting to note that at 9 yrs they’ve come down into the med/mild profile which makes me happy I smoked them in the profile that I like with that bit of bite to em.
  2. I bought a box of Winnie's for my daughters bday they were a March date and she was born late feb but I didn't care that's what prez had for me. When my son was born I just smoked the Winnie's. Lol. It's like others told me here not what you have that makes the experience but any good cigar can optimize the scenario. Any time my kids have a bday I break out the best I have and enjoy it with family and friends and that's what I've found makes the experience.
  3. BBF mar17 box just landed and they're some of the nicest BBF's I've had. Beautiful wrapper, silky smooth and based on the look of the foot beautiful construction packed with tobacco. Thanks prez. I'll post a pic when I get a chance but there really is nothing better than pulling that banded wheel of habanos out of about just sheer beauty.
  4. And this sir is why you get my money for your time and honesty and expertise. Thank you rob for posting this and letting us in and to be aware of what's out there.
  5. I love the small glimpse snippet of vader breathing right in the last second of the trailer, it's almost imperceptible but it's there and the dark troopers look awesome. Sure movie overload but as one who grew up with this I can never get enough and it's an interesting perspective, just yet another piece in tying the whole Star Wars universe together.
  6. As a lover of both I've found like others most stouts, porters or brown ales maybe even barley wines work as they have the chocolate, sweetness that pairs well with cigars like bolis and they're earthy dark chocolate profile plus bigger darker beers par well with a cigar that has more oomph to it. Some cigars that have a fruitier aspect maybe a slr regio could go well with a pale ale or a mid level abv like 6% fruity ipa but if u pair that cigar with a bigger ipa like and 8%+ beer the cigar flavors will prob get lost in the hop bomb piney resinous real grapefruit or intense tropical flavors those beers can have. I however smoke anything with anything but I prefer stouts especially with cc's.
  7. BBF JUN 00!!!! What an amazing cigar. I've held onto this for years tonight just seemed like as good as any. It's creamy, velvety, coffee laden and still has some nice pepper spice and it is pure bolivar. Probably one of the best cigars I've had in a long time. Blows away the box of 18yr old BCE's I just finished recently. I need me more BBf's, done right they just satisfy in every way. Cheers.
  8. Oh yeah!!!! Not a chance though with GB still the favorite but I like the Lions to do a lot better this year especially if Calvin can stay healthy.
  9. Me too a decade here and I've had many many boxe of Cubans and some just amazing others were like smoking nc's but I just figure there's such a large variable that they all can't be great amazing boxes and I think it's also a testament to how far the NC cigars have come. Now saying that i don't believe any NC tastes like a Cuban but sometimes a cc from any marka can be non descript and not what your just expecting when you've had one that nails the profile so in that regard to me a non descript psd4 tastes like a good NC, it's just not setting itself apart. That being said I've had more amazing Cubans than any NC that have made me stop what I was doing and really appreciate what the cigar is and what it's meant to be. Such is the case with this 07' Punch SS 11 I'm smoking now, truly amazing, it ticks all the boxes as Rob would say just sit back and revel in the cigar.
  10. I have 3 left from the box from the original post and they fell off a bit but are still enjoyable smokes. Not ones I'm afraid of grabbing thinking I'll miss them when they're gone, unlike this 07' punch SS 11' I'm smoking now which is unreal.
  11. 07 punch rs11 these have yet to fail and then another night dug deep and found and 09 mag 46 that was just superb from the first draw I knew it was put away the iPad and go on the journey this cigar was going to lead me on and it was just gorgeous.
  12. I'll give it a chance I like Helmsley but I'll b skeptical
  13. Are u referring to rebel rouser, comes with a green label, that's the only dipa I know of by them. I really like it, reminds me a lot of victory dirt wolf but yeah I like the beer and I'm not a huge fan of Sam Adams stuff normally.
  14. I just started brewing last May and just well I'm basically obsessed with it. Beers have been pretty good too, got a lot of good positive feedback from my store guys and other veteran Brewers. I just use a basic all grain set up at this point, 10 and 5 gal pot, 10 gal round cooler with custom made false bottom and a bayou burner, oh I ordered a custom immersion chiller using 50' 1/2" coil that works awesome in chilling 6 gal or wort. It's dangerous having this much beer on hand. Lol
  15. Amazing beer and prob my fav ris. Drank about a case since it came out and sadly all wells have dried up here, went fast but I saved two bottles to age. Good choice. Bells expedition stout is another good one if you can find any lying around.

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