What are your Easter Plans?

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Friday and Monday public holidays here but I will be floating around both days. Easter cricket game with the outlaws Saturday including a picnic. Predicted rain. I could be lucky and it gets called off :rotfl:

Easter Sunday visit my parents with the family. I am not in the good books currently.....will have wife taste my food. Traditionally it is a big spread of seafood...prawns, crabs, calamari, salad, oysters.

Take mum to Easter mass where she holds my hand and prays for me. Always a highlight :2thumbs:

Cigar wise i have a Cohiba Behike from Havana I plan to enjoy when I get home Sunday as I am leaving my family with mum and dad for a few days. Sneaky little bottle of French champers may also accompany the event. No doubt the highlight of the weekend :lol:

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Gives me a flush of energy just thinking about the extra two days off to be honest :rotfl:

Sports bar in the casino tomorrow arvo to watch the dragons slap the storm in the footy (Half of this weeks wage is riding on this result)

Out to rosehill races on Saturday for the golden slipper accompanied by a Diplo 1 and a Lancero :2thumbs:

Monday I will be taking the girlfriend to the easter show which is dreaded thought at this point, although it will no doubt topple being in the office!!

Wish a happy and safe easter to all and make sure you get stuck into some good cigars!

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My 'mother in law' is arriving today... so I'll be hiding and trying to avoid being around. Its amazing how many odd jobs that need doing right now I can find when I really put my mind to it.

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work and uni fri and sat but then heading over to rottnest island on sunday and monday for some snorkelling during the day and booze at night. really looking forward to it :2thumbs:

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Heading off to Apollo Bay (Great Ocean Road) this evening for the entire weekend with wife and kids.

Have my 5 count travel humidor with the following goodies:





Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and Happy Easter. Be safe, Prez, don't let the champers get to your head mate! :2thumbs:



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Thursday - After putting the kids to bed, I'm going to spark up a Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo while watching a movie.

Friday - Have my final meeting with my accountant for the 2009 tax year. After I hand him over a big fat check to pay Uncle Sam I am going to smoke a Cohiba Esplendido that night to console myself.

Saturday - Gotta cut down a 25ft Oak tree in the backyard and put in the new grill, will likely take advantage of the good weather we are supposed to have and smoke a Romeo y Julietta Churchill while grilling. Later that evening a Trinidad Fundadore.

Sunday - Church followed by a Montecristo Especiale, and if I can find the time...a Partagas SdC No. 1.

Sadly I will not be playing any golf...but hey...at least I can still enjoy a spot of good weather.

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Friday - Flyfishing or snowboarding. If flyfishing I will take a Bolivar RC along

Saturday - probably suit shopping for my upcoming wedding.

Sunday - Church with fiancee

Monday - back to work.

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Since moving to the US from Canada I really miss my 4 day Easter weekend.

Friday: Work as usual; get home in the late afternoon, find the couch and be forced to watch Max & Ruby, Wow Wow Wubzy, and Cailu while having a tea party with my 3 year old. When she goes to sleep it becomes a scotch party as I catch up on missed TV shows from the past week.

Saturday: Sleep in and yard work. Hide Easter Eggs in the house in particularly high places so no one can find them.

Sunday: Wake up with the kids and more Max & Ruby, Wow Wow Wubzy and if I am really lucky catch up on Coronation Street on the CBC. Have kids and wife find said Easter Eggs from the previous nights hiding. After they are frustrated not finding much have my 3 year old do the traditional turning on of the ceiling fan where eggs are hidden and watch the showers of candy fall from the sky. Make Pancakes - but they must be colored pink or my daughter won't eat them.

..........have a Partagas Connie #2 with a glass of Ron Varadaro while watching the kids play in the yard occasionally having my 3 year old yell at me "breath fire again Daddy....breath fire" as I exhale the smoke.

Eat ham and scalloped potato dinner. Sleep and back to work on Monday.....

But most of all I will just be enjoying family. Hope you all get to do the same. Happy Easter

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I can't wait for a nice 4 day weekend. I was so focused on Halifax last week I forgot all about the long weekend until I got to work on Monday. Whoohoo!

Today - Work "hard", smoking a Monte D LE for an extended coffee break since the boss isn't here today. Going to a classical concert this evening. What the heck, why not some culture?

Friday - Sleep in. Weather permitting, going on a hike around a lake with a Monte A

Saturday - Sleep in again. Meeting up with navy friend who is back from Seattle with a box of LGC Artesanos de Miami Elegantes for me, along with my final box of Diplo #1s from 2001 (knock on wood for no resin! :rolleyes:). Going to give the 2000 Diplo #1s another try, it's been a month now!

Sunday - Up to Nanaimo to see the family. Will be a gong-show for sure. Going to bring a couple of Diplo #3s so my father and I can slip away from the chaos for an hour.

Monday - Sleep in. Going to walk along the victoria waterfront with a random NC cigar, need to smoke through those to clear more space for habanos!

Whoohoo for 4 day weekends! Happy Easter everyone!

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Saturday I have an Electrical inspectors course in the morning and will ride the HD there supposed to be a stellar day in the North East.

Sunday we are having about 15 people over for Easter. This year we will probably enjoy our Easter feast on the deck. I will smoke a Monte Cristo Sublime on Sunday with some Blithering Idiot Barley wine.

Oh and I can't forget the RAW Easter egg hunt for my bull terriers.

They seek them out and crunch them down shells and all.

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Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00 p.m.

Good Friday Services: 7:00 a.m., Noon, & 7:00 p.m.

Holy Saturday: Baptismal Rehearsal for three families

Easter Sunday Services: 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Easter Brunch: 9:30 a.m.

Sunday Afternoon: Two double Martinis, Grilled Lamb Chops with Taziki, followed by a snifter of Ron Zacapa 23, a Lusi and a nap



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Friday night, watch my wife sing at her church choir (baptist). Saturday watch her again, and then go to Easter vigil mass at my church (Catholic). Sunday morning mass at my church, then services at her church, then ham and scalloped potato dinner. Sunday evening, scotch and cigar in the back yard with the firepit as long as it's not raining.

-- Gary F.

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Fri normal workday. Sat, no real plans. Sunday up early to the burbs for Easter Egg hunt with niece/nephew. Brunch. Off to girlfriends for a gathering. Arriving early so she can help her mother set up and hoping to steal away into the backyard for a quiet cigar before everyone arrives at 3. Play nice with the family with small talk, drink and hopefully be home by 7 to unwind before the work week.

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Friday - Have my final meeting with my accountant for the 2009 tax year. After I hand him over a big fat check to pay Uncle Sam I am going to smoke a Cohiba Esplendido that night to console myself.

the consolatory cigar, I'm a fan :rolleyes:

great line up of smokes chenman!

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Fri-Work, Church, cigars-PLPC and Parti short

Sat-yardwork, family fun, Church, cigars-PLPL and Trini Coloniales

Sun-Church, Cookout, family fun, cigars-PLPC, Cohiba Sig II and VR Unicos

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