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  1. Cigar Aficionado - A delightful touch of nuts on your palate with an added bonus of inhaled protein from tobacco beetles. 95 Points.
  2. Very nice... love using old maps as decoration. I got this one years ago... from an old Colton's Atlas, 1859.
  3. In high school I had an early 70's Mercury Marquis Brougham with a plush maroon velour interior.. was like riding around on a comfortable sofa. And it had a 460 that drank gas like you wouldn't believe.
  4. Give me a good looking truck design, a minimum 400-500 mile range, and a recharge time less than 20 minutes and I'd be all in. The instant torque and traction control of electric vehicles is pretty damn impressive. I already went from "nothing without a V8" thinking to buying a twin turbo six cylinder truck that puts a big old smile on my face every time I drive it.
  5. I'll take two boxes of each please. Bet they are delicious!
  6. Your best memory of those early years? First cigar I really remember smoking... Vegas in my very early 20's. Up about $1200 on a blackjack table at the Flamingo Hilton, just drunk enough to be really enjoying myself. Bullshitting with the pit boss, who calls the cigar/cigarette girl over and tells her to give me a cigar on the house. She gives me Macanudo Portofino. I thought I was the king of the world. Got me hooked. Your biggest regret? Not buying more Partagas Coronas and Dip 4s. Things you would you have done differently - your best piece of advice for newcomers? If you find something you love, buy A LOT of them. You never know when blends will change or get disco'd. Also, don't stress. Invest in a decent humidor/humidification system and enjoy your smokes. I remember agonizing over every minor change in RH or Temp. Really took the enjoyment out of it at first.
  7. Maduro 5 Magicos (EMA JUN 07). Been a long time since I've smoked one of these. Found a handful of singles stashed in a half empty box of Genios. Leathery, slightly anise spiced coffee flavor to it.
  8. Yellowstone is pretty damn good... just stumbled on it and immediately binged all 3 available series.
  9. Usually scotch, bourbon or rum... but now that it's cooling off I find myself drinking a lot more wine. KC
  10. I'm a little late on this Ken... but if you can find it, try Ocho Anejo Single Barrel... bottled at cask strength.
  11. Beautiful! The burl on the drawer fronts looks incredible.
  12. At first I was disappointed... "What, nobody falls in that giant pit?" My patience was rewarded.
  13. I remember as a kid my Dad deciding we needed a fish tank. Bought all the equipment, set it all up, and everyone in the family got to pick out a fish. After 2 weeks, the only one left in the tank was my sister's extremely bloated and satisfied looking fish.
  14. Just when I thought it was safe to go back in my pool. Saving my HDM from a vicious shark attack last weekend. Not sure if I am meeting the "being able to focus" criteria though... I really didn't have a "man of the world, serious cigar smoker pic" handy.
  15. Anyone seeing any recent SD4's that have the text on the outside of the box printed rather than "stamped" or "branded" (indented)?
  16. I just got the same email... hopefully that means they are flying off the shelf. Good luck! KC
  17. Great looking cigars... and seeing a bottle of Ardbeg always makes me thirsty for some Islay goodness. If you like the 10 year, try the Ardbeg Uigeadail, at 54% its a peat explosion.

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