When Aussies get bored.

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When we were fishing in the Amazon last month there was usually a slow patch mid morning. This day was a little slower than normal so Greg and Macho hatched a cunning plan.

" These Cayman Crocs seem pretty tame compared to the Saltwater Crocs back home" says Macho.

" Why don't we catch one" says Greg.

The dymanic duo had it sorted. Pick a small one to start with...jump on its back and see how it goes. They could work up from there.

The first one was just embarrassing. Macho assures us the this is how Steve Irwin started <_<


The second one was a tad more impressive.



Full of bravado....they eyed off the third. It was all that we could do to talk them out of it :o


Needless to say the Agua Boa lodge manager Taff Price was stunned. Not only were the Australian contingent setting records on the red wine consumption ranks....the world renowned Amazon wildlife was now at threat :D

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President Clinton used a cigar.... but this... is plain cruel to the poor croc.

Fishing in the city, for some prettier ones must be difficulty for Macho and the boys..

Must to go to the Back country... :blush:

at least someone got their gasket blown :o

Nice Pics.

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