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Hi everybody, hope you're all doing well *wave enthusiastically*

Love cigars like everyone here and until now the only cigar forum I frequent is cA's. A couple of friends recommended this spot.. 5 minutes in and I'm already impressed :D ..and admittedly still a bit lost among all the fancy options and doodads this board provide.

I live in Jersey City and work in Times Square, my usual hangout B&Ms are Havana Dreams in Queens, Ruben's Smokestack in Hackensack, and Ridgewood Tobacco shop in Jerz… Fave NCs are anything by Pepin and as for CCs, anything and everything Trinidads.

I look forward to learning, trading, kicking back, and enjoying myself here with fellow BOTLs.

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welcome. more NJ/NY guys come in so often, I love it

You're from Bergen county? any cigar shop or cigar-friendly restaurants you recommend? I love the Chop House in Englewood

Welcome to FOH from New York.

Thanks! raining real ugly right now after such a great day yesterday..

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You're from Bergen county? any cigar shop or cigar-friendly restaurants you recommend? I love the Chop House in Englewood

I really haven't been to many of the places around here, but I do want to check out some of the places you mentioned. I was in JR cigar the other day in Paramus. I know almost nothing about NCs, but the selection seemed plentiful. They also had the xikar xi2 for $30 which is a great price

I went with a friend who wanted to pick some stuff up. I really haven't had much desire to check out the other places around here. For my supply, the Czar has been perfect, especially considering what is available around here. I'm sure the comraderie is great but as a young guy I'm not sure its my type of scene. There is a place in Paterson I've driven past a few times that has signs for custom rolled cigars. I really would like to try em, might stop by tomorrow. Neighborhood isn't great, but its not too bad I guess

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Next time you are Havana Dreams tell the boys the Lisa from Australia says hello... they will know who you mean :)


Thanks for the warm welcome everybody =c)


How often do you go to Havana Dreams? I go there about a couple of times a month whenever there's a boxing or UFC even happening.

I remember last year Joe (the owner) and a couple of patrons (Ed and Bob) mentioned the owner of Cigar-Czar from Australia came over to hang out. Small world huh? Please let me know if you guys are going stateside again, I would love to meet up! I'm heading there tomorrow, I'll be sure to mention your name :)

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Welcome. I lived in Bayonne for a yr. When in the area, I usually stop by Azucar to smoke. I also heard that the Beer Garden has a great outdoor place, but never been.

Azucar is a nice spot, but too loud. Gotta be in the mood to chill there, preferably when the ladies got their special attire on :)

Hehe I smoke in Bayone Park about once a week. Me and my friend would just park the truck in front of the river, watch a movie on the laptop plugged to the car speakers, and smoke away. Is there a tobacco shop in Bayonne somewhere? And what's the best spot for pizza? There's a shitload of pizzarias in your neighborhood.

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