What does your nickname mean?

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Would be interesting to find out the meaning behind some your nicknames on the forum. Obviously ones like Ken Gargett or El Presidente can be understood, but others I'm sure have an interesting story.

Mine for example - Kangaroo495

Kangaroo coz I'm Aussie

495 is the calling code for Moscow which is where I live.

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Probably 20 years ago my wife and I were visiting New Orleans. In the Jazz Museum there was a picture of a a jug band from the late 1800's or early 1900's -- precursors to more modern jazz bands. The leader of the band was named Stalebread Coleman. I figured if it was good enough for him it's good enough for me.

I don't know the origins of the name except maybe it is a reference to recipes, often from the South, that called for stale bread.

It's been tough explaining the name here in France where bread -- good bread -- is such an integral part of everyday life.

I've used Stalebread as a pseudonym for many years. At my last job, people actually started calling me Stalebread. "The meeting is in Stalebread's office." So much for pseudonyms.

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For me , it's a long story but I'll make it short ;)

laficion simply means "the passion " I can not see life without passion for something,

it's the essence of life and I'm passionate about

many things. B)

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Mine's a real eye-roller. :lol:

I love baseball ;) . For a few years now, I've enjoyed playing online historical fantasy baseball on Whatifsports.com. On the site, when you come up with your team and enter it in a league, you also receive 7 "Rookie" players to help fill out your roster if you need it. These rookie players have randomly generated names. Some of them are quite hilarious, like "Doug Slam" and "Marcus Buttlewert", while others can be pretty normal, like "Michael Cabrera" and "Jose Weller". Anyway, the BEST rookie name I have ever seen was a catcher named "Chance Schmerr". Off my ass laughing every time I used him. How could anyone ever give up a hit to a schmuck named Chance Schmerr? hahaha.

So I use the name as a nickname every once in a while. My real name is painfully normal (Chris) :rolleyes: , although my normal moniker is "Ski", owing to a rather long Polish last name.

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Was working at 19 years old as a sales assistant in a property company and got all the jobs no-one else wanted to do...

One day I was told to go and collect a deposit from a shady end of Melbourne some 40 mins away. Upon arrival I was greeted by two characters from the sopranos and was handed a briefcase with 'the deposit inside'. I knew the deposit was $200k and couldnt help but sneak a peak when I got back to the office carpark expecting to see a boring check and some documents inside. Instead... it was the 200k cash in nothing but $100 notes. 200k in a case didnt look anywhere near as impressive as the movies had led me believe, which was a bit of a let down.

So I walked in the door, handed over the briefcase while every eye in the office was on me and headed off to grab a water thinking not much of it. Someone said "wow look at Mr Smooth"...... it stuck and has followed me ever since!!!

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Mine is stolen from Unbreakable, although there is a story as to why.

The short version of it is that in May of last year, I was in The Valley and I was attacked. I was thrown through a store front window, and impaled on a piece of glass. When I was lying in hospital recovering from the surgery, I was playing with my new phone, and setting up a bluetooth name. All of a sudden, I thought of that movie, and the name seemed appropriate.


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thechenman: Well, my last name is "Chen." My nickname kicked in back in college when I was going through training in the Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps). I was the best rappeller in the batallion and at Air Assault School. Didn't matter what it was...a building, a mountain face, a cave, a helicopter. I particularly enjoyed Austrailian rappeling (one of my favorites). I just loved to freefall. As some of you know, the military is fond of using last names. Well, after I rappelled, my fellow cadets would congratulate me saying, "Great job chenman!" or say "Did you see the chenman?". After awhile the nickname stuck. Instead of being called "Chen" everyone called me "Chenman." Even to this day my army buddies, frat brothers and friends from that period in my life call me "Chenman." "Bazooka Joe" was sometimes used as well, but that is a story for another day...

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I should change mine after all these years of people thinking I stare at the sky too much.

Stargazer came from the road i live on - Stargazers Road, named in honor of a pair of men (Mason & Dixon)

who made their mark in US history (see link below)

I had a company named Stargazer Grafix for a number of years, my email is still 'stargazer'.

I need to do a complete makeover on this.

Maybe 'Wormdigger' would be a change.

Tho i do enjoy a good cigar under a starry sky....



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Well mine is sort of simple. Back in the late 90's when I was going through a divorce and was setting up a new computer, I wanted a nic name that told others where I was from and how old I was. I lived in the Tampa Bay area and was born in Dec 1957, thus Tampa1257. It has stuck ever since.

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