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  1. Alex Cañonazo I picked up in December 2021. Strong barnyard aroma at cold. Reminiscent of a grassy version of an Epi 2, with a lot of cedar and subtle sweetness. Excellent draw and burn all the way through. 9/10
  2. Just gave Matt my final payment over the phone, and he tell's me my unit should be here next week. I am very excited, but a bit nervous, as he punctuated our payment conversation with a shipping horror story - keeping my fingers crossed. I ordered this cabinet in early April 2021, so presuming next week arrival, 14.5 months. Pic is from his warehouse in Nashville.
  3. These are opening up more every time I smoke one. The Rosado is becoming one of the cigars I want to grab for most. The sweetness on this one was incredibly powerful today. 93/100
  4. Assume a lot of you got the email. What a sad joke…Habanos worker appreciation day. Dear all, Every May 29th, Cuba celebrates the Day of the Tobacco Worker, a date that commemorates the birth of worker's leader Lázaro Peña González, and pay tribute all those who make it possible for the Habano to continue to be considered the world's best tobacco. Behind of each Habano is the dedication of all our workers to create an exclusive product that faithfully reflects the culture, tradition and flavour of the Habano. They are in charge of cultivating and rolled our history day by day and we would like to thank them for their efforts to light the passion of all our aficionados with every puff. We invite you to celebrate this day and we encourage you to continue growing this success story.
  5. 21-May TUA RASS from a box I received from FoH in Nov 21. Hit a short patch in the second third with some tannic dry mouthfeel from its youthfulness. Other than that it was a perfect specimen, which I assume will continue to improve. 9/10
  6. These are pretty good quality. Additionally, although this doesn’t 100% qualify, as it’s a mixer, I will throw in a recommendation for this nice, natural margarita mix. Could use a little thinning with lime juice and seltzer, but we have been rolling through this amongst our group of friends.
  7. Are we getting a dalia and a Churchill!?
  8. I guess this theory explains the votes for Guantanamera. It should be further noted however, that while Guantanamera received a couple of votes, the Monte Open series has received none to date!
  9. Sounds like a good excuse to by oneself a large quantity of nudies for Christmas!
  10. Partagas Lusitania 19-Mar UEB. As I sat on my back deck in the darkness this evening, drinking rum, slowly drifting through this cigar, I don’t know what I find more disconcerting, the flat, flavorless smoke, or the freakish sounds of the romantic evening interludes of some neighborhood raccoons. The first smoke from this box last summer was fireproof and got tossed. This one conversely had a perfect burn, but no flavor. I suppose I will put this box down for the long hall and see if it improves. Can’t win them all! At least the raccoon had a good night! 3/10
  11. Some poor soul is going to read this and go off the deep end on RyJ#2.
  12. Spanish cedar is used in humidors for its hygroscopic properties and due to the fact that it won’t ruin your cigars by adding unwanted taste. You should be ok.
  13. That was a nice bobcat toss, but that thing rebounded and took off like a bat out of hell. 😂
  14. N3 Carlota Colorado Rosado. Originally I thought the Maduro was preferable, but these are really giving them a run for their money.
  15. Gave me a chuckle today to see “Habanos is now on LinkedIn”. In this bat shit crazy world I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put up job postings for Torcedors!
  16. Put the torch to this young Sir Winston last night (Feb 21), that I received from a trade with @Thirdcoastwatch last year. First third came on slow and subtle with coffee, cream and cedar…opened up into an absolute madman in final two thirds, with intense graham cracker sweetness. Cheers Adam, fantastic smoke, thanks again!
  17. This is definitely an important point, that Trini doesn’t work for the Instagram crowd. Is Habanos so far removed from reality that they don’t understand this? Or do they expect the Asian markets to carry this wild increase. I saw a vendor listing Fundies priced at $3700 and Reyes at $900 this evening. Absolute madness.
  18. The box of Media Luna I am smoking through now is pure cookie dough.
  19. Did Behike remain unchanged. Those prices look reasonable?
  20. Well…on the bright side, this price raise now makes Sir Winston a value smoke!

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