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  1. I'll second Ford and Chas saying that I don't have moochers in my life, so that solves the problem. I think mooching is a symptom of a bigger personality problem. This is the same kind of person who will ask you for help or favors and then when you need him for something he's always "too busy". No thanks.
  2. If you already have a bunch of OpusX I would definitely at least smoke another one in a different vitola and see how it goes. And I would suggest you to smoke it as soon as possible so that you can write off other variables like season/weather, your palate changing, etc. If the second one is also disappointing then maybe it's not a bad idea to consider selling/trading the to someone who likes them...
  3. If it makes you feel better I had a practically identical experience with an Opus XXX Belicoso. I bought it in 2011 and smoked it somewhere around 2015. For mine the draw was a bit tight but the flavors were identical: cedary wood and some earth. I was extremely disappointed at the time and after getting to the end I wondered why I didn't just toss it after the first third... Since I smoked it with fewer years under the belt I don't think your issue was due to excessive aging. Maybe we both got duds but at the price point and with the consistency NCs can usually rely on, I decided to never buy another Opus. I know lots of people love them so that was a head scratcher...
  4. The plume thing is so entrenched that I also think it's here to stay... With that said, knowing how much beneficial mold contributes to flavors and overall quality of products like cheese and cured meats, I can easily believe that cigars with extra growth of the white powdery mold previously known as plume could taste better. I actually would not be surprised if part of what gives CCs their unique flavors were unique strains of beneficial mold found only in the Cuban curing/aging rooms, kind of like Trappist beers.
  5. I respectfully disagree about NCs being their own world. I think NCs and CCs are very much intertwined. NCs are always (even when very critical) paying homage to CCs and taking inspiration from Cuban stuff. CCs on the other hand are always looking at the more adventurous NCs side and (while they always consider their stuff superior) they often copy NC trends. We know OpusX being released at what was for the time an outrageous price and enjoying an obvious success price played a role in Cohiba developing the Behike line. Same for the fat ring gauge trend. And at the same time the NC side has been using buzzword like "Corojo tobacco" or "Medio Tiempo" that come from the CC world for years. It is true that most NCs USED to be relatively easy to find discounted. I myself was a big fan of finding sales. Yet, I don't think I've ever seen an OpusX with any significant discount. Same for Atabey, Casdagli, or some of the other high end NC brands that pop up often in the NC threads. I think there is a LOT of competition for NCs in the sub $10 range. But for the high end stuff (and I mean real high end, not fake high end like Gurkha LOL) I always see the same handful of names popping up. And they don't seem to struggle to sell at some pretty high prices. Which tells me that at this point in time a LOT of people are very willing to spend whatever the price to get something they want. I mean, people last year were willing to pay 3 times the MSRP for a Playstation 5...
  6. Demand will not wane unless there is a major worldwide recession. The Prez mentioned in the other thread that after seeing the situation on the NC side while in Miami he's now convinced that Cohiba and the rest will be fine and Trinidad is the only question mark, and I think he's spot on! You look at the NC names that are mentioned often in the NC thread and there are already a lot of $20+ cigars and they sell just fine. There are also $50+ cigars and they sell no problem. Don't get me wrong, as someone who is not made of money, I absolutely hate this price increases because it means I'm pretty much done buying almost all of my favorite cigars. I also hate that I'm getting priced out of a lot of other things I like because of inflation and price gouging. I'm just saying that considering everything that is going on right now the HSA price increase is not that unreasonable and is almost certainly here to stay.
  7. This reminds me of damage on leaves from leaf miners
  8. We really don't know enough about the interaction between the two parties to really say one way or another, but as a general rule I firmly believe that whenever buying, selling or trading, it's the person's responsibility to be informed about the value of the goods. We live in the internet age so there is really no excuse. If someone doesn't want to spend the time to educate himself and sells/trades under the value, it's his choice and he should not complain afterwards. Just learn the lesson and next time do your homework before trading. With that said, I do find it distasteful for a BOTL to accept a trade that is so far off the fair trading value and then sell the box for a profit, and probably would not trade with such a person myself.
  9. 1) Any cigar that doesn't have mold in the foot is ok to be smoked. Clean the mold from the wrapper, check the smell (if it smells musty, toss it), if it smells good smoke away. Mind you, it might be overhumidified, so it might be tight, burn poorly or not taste the best, which brings me to the next point 2) It's not just the mold in the offending humidifier that is a problem. There is mold on every single cigar you buy, you just don't see it. When you see the mold it's because it's a mold overgrowth and it's usually caused by excessive humidity. You can take any cigar that looks perfect and clean and put it in a sealed container with an open glass of water and I guarantee that it will develop plenty of visible mold. The fact that those Ramon Allones had a split foot points to the fact that they were exposed to excessive humidity. Which is why I think you should be a bit under the optimal humidity level with your Boveda, not over with a 69%. 3) What to do with those boxes? I don't see a point in freezing them. Mold doesn't die with freezing temperature, it just goes dormant. My advise would be to take the boxes with moldy cigars, wipe all the cigars, wipe the boxes if they show any mold, then take those cigars with the boxes (leaving the lids open) and put them inside an airtight tupperware box with a couple of 62% Boveda packs. I would wait a month or two and then if everything looks good smoke away. If they taste good after that you can put them back in the walk in. Hope this helps!
  10. I say give it a try, no way to know that it sucks for sure without trying. If it's unsmokeable, pitch it and make sure to come back with an entertaining report!
  11. I like 10 and 25, 15 feels like a weird half-measure. I don't get the cheapskate problem with 10s, seems like some people worry too much about what other people think, kind of like the worrying that a cigar looks too small if it's a skinny... I've never bought a 50 cab because I would rather have two 25 boxes where I get cigars to smoke from one while the other stays sealed as long as possible.
  12. I think at the moment the punitive aspect comes before the practical aspect of using the proceeds for something productive, whether it's right or not. It would be a shame if the mega-yachts crapped out and couldn't be sold but at the same time imagine the trolling potential: hey here's your yacht Mr. Oligarch, you just have to hoist it from the bottom of the marina. Fresh coat of paint and it'll be mint!

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