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  1. Not that there’s any shortage of shocking idiocy these days, but its enraging to see “professionals” posting conspiracy theories on LinkedIn, about how Ukraine is guilty in this war, Putin is being ill portrayed, George Soros and Bill Gates are responsible, etc, etc. What really frightens me is that many of these people exist within some kind of business community that will not admonish their public displays of harmful ignorance, but more than likely concur with, if not reward the behavior. I guess the one silver lining is that it’s good to know who never to hire, network or break bread with ever again. /rantoff
  2. This feels like the only way this conflict has any prayer of an expeditious end. I wonder if any of them are thinking…we could become the hero’s of the world with one decisive move.
  3. I would like to do a saltwater aquarium if I ever find the time in the future.
  4. When I read that this morning I was slightly hopeful that it had some thin potential to end the attack. Throughout the day my optimism has waned. I believe I saw a couple of hours ago that Putin issued dismissive marks about these potential negotiations. Does Putin truly want to absorb the Ukraine in full, or would he be satisfied with concessions that render her in his mind harmless, no NATO, neutrality and disarmament, etc.? Concessions of this nature would essentially be yielding their autonomy to him anyway.
  5. Remember when this was about the Ukraine? Yes, the Nazi party was right wing. Yes mass atrocities were perpetuated by both Nazis and Communists. In my opinion, one of main distinctions is that while atrocities certainly have been committed under Communism, it in and of itself it is a socioeconomic ideology that exists apart from the evil of dehumanizing groups of people based on race and other human factors. Naziism on the other hand, embraces a hateful and inexcusable ideology as part of its core philosophy. So while you may provide comparison between the practical atrocities perpetrated by Communists or Nazis, in my opinion it is wrong to say they are on the same footing. The applicable reality to the situation at hand is that Putin has the moral compass of a James Bond villain, and his statements of Ukrainian Naziism are a laughable farce to support his tragically false narrative.
  6. Has anyone seen anyone answer the question straight, as to why no one is willing to take SWIFT action yet? The answer I saw was that the balance of sanctions are equally if not more catastrophic, which seems like bullshit.
  7. As I watch this unfold today, I have to wonder what is Putins long game here? Does he want his reunified empire so badly that all consequence is meaningless to him? He has certainly anticipated that a full scale invasion would yield strong, crippling long term sanctions. It seems he has shrugged them off as unimportant. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine, and I wish I could look at the international response optimistically, but I fear this is going to get much worse before it gets better.
  8. Too cringeworthy not to post. Mark Zuckerberg sister, educational crypto song.
  9. What is the translucent material on the upper third of that box? Dirty, scratched up plexiglass? This one is extra special.
  10. Or commit the ultimate sin and tuck it in. Never tried a guayabera before, but the design is fantastic, kudos gents. I may have to give one a shot. So…who did invent this shirt, the Cubans or the Mexicans? I thought I recall hearing somewhere that there is ongoing debate on this matter?
  11. Number three is piercing a hole through my brain with that intense, weasel-like gaze! Who are you sir!?
  12. @El Presidente are these going to go up on the store or 24:24?
  13. So…I rushed home from work to put the flame to an N3 Maduro. I will say unfortunately smoking conditions were less than ideal. 40 degrees F weather, and work issues blowing up during smoking didn’t allow me to give it my undivided attention. That being said, very enjoyable cigar, with perfect construction and sharp burn. It reminded me of a meaty version of Monte with some spicier notes. I will definitely give these some downtime, and expect them to evolve beautifully. Smoking time was about 40 minutes. @El Presidente Any word on how long the leaf is aged? Also, what is your preferred RH on storage for these. I put them in with 62 Boveda for the time being. Cheers, great initial showing! I greatly look forward to trying them all.
  14. Reband/rebox your whole collection in Garcia Vega attire. “Ahhh yes sir…the value of these 5000 cigars is $500.”
  15. Yes, good observation! I didn’t notice that. I also debated if she would be picked as a choice due to her passing being relatively recent…morbid yes, but trying to consider all angles here. I was in the same exact boat and went Mila as well. After I placed my entry I asked my wife, whereupon she quickly informed me that there was zero chance Mila has bright green eyes like Emma.
  16. In my wayward youth in a suburb of NYC we drank St Ides, King Cobra, Hurricanes, Steel Reserve and Old English. These paired well with cigars augmented to other purposes. At some point I got “classy” and switch to 22oz Heinekens. Has anyone had any malt liquor recently? I imagine the taste would be slightly nauseating.
  17. Thank you…will definitely be hunting this down. Sounds excellent.
  18. I wish I had a Costco with booze. Pretty sure I am paying around $100 for this near me.
  19. I have very little personal experience with peated whisky outside of Scotch, interested to see some suggestions. For me some of the standard go to smoky drams would be Laphroaig 10, Ardbeg Uigeadail and Lagavulin 16. When I want something a bit lighter with just a touch of smoke I reach for Oban 14.

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