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  1. Susan Sarandon and Brittany Murphy have the same side glance! In addition, a little known fact…following a life of existentialist philosophy, Jean Paul Sartre went to co-star in Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein.
  2. I went to the trouble of brushing and flossing direct after dinner to discourage further eating. Just read that damn thread now I’m craving fried seafood…no joke avoid at all cost gents! 🤤
  3. So…this past week I was walking around the house in a fully body one-piece long Johns, getting ready for snow activities with the kids, and my six year old daughter came up, looked at the outfit and said…”wow, whale blubber”. Same week my four year old boy came up to me, patted my stomach and said “daddy has a baby”. Therefore, I will be joining the contest. There are two things I know for certain: 1- Mens feet are revolting 2- I really need to drop weight ASAP. Height: 6’-0” Weight: 130.7 kg BMI: Bacon grease Short term goal is to drop about 30lbs by the end of the contest (around 14kg). Longer term goal is around 90lbs or about 40kg.
  4. Wait a second…I thought this quote was Tolstoy on marriage?
  5. Any idea if the cigar holder side of the case has individual dividers separating the cigars? I’m wondering if you put less than five in this case if they would have unwanted movement potential.
  6. @ElJavi76 I agree with you that the concept that the Cuban Florida vote "propping up the embargo" sounds like a drastic oversimplifcation. It has always struck me as odd that this explanation has been a rationale offered up by Americans to explain the longevity of the embargo. Definitely no condescension intended towards Cuban Americans. If Cuban exiles support the embargo because it represents opposition to a regime that has oppressed them and their families, no one in their right mind could argue that this is not a just and well warranted perspective. My feeling (right or wrong) has always been that if the embargo did not exist, Cuba would have been able to evolve into a more balanced, capitalist society by virtue of greater integration with the rest of the world, which a non-embargo state of being would afford them. From your perspective do you think the majority of Cuban Americans at this point in time generally support the embargo, or do you think there are more divides along factors such as age? Asking this, I realize it is very hard to generalize about a group as large and diverse as "Cuban Americans".
  7. From what I recall there’s a video on her Instagram where she’s using what appears to be some kind of microscope to do her engravings. She must have freakishly steady hands.
  8. I don’t know how one could read this and think otherwise. Over 60 years…and what has been gained. I always see Miami/Florida politics cited whenever this issue comes up, and I always wonder…do the majority of Cuban Americans support the embargo? Do Cuban Americans feel something is gained from opposing the Castro regime (et al) that is worth more than the price the embargo levies on the average Cuban?
  9. There’s a hand engraver I came across who does beautiful Xikar cutters. Unfortunately these are well outside my price range…but I appreciate the craftsmanship nonetheless.
  10. Hahah thought Billy Connolly was Charles Grodin…I really get a great kick out of these! Thanks @MoeFOH! Congrats @ha_banos!
  11. Man…this comment has had me debating if I need to add a “chicken grease edition” since yesterday. Seems like a valid point though…one book as a showpiece for coffee table, bookshelf, etc., and one to really dig into while smoking, etc. without having to worry. Decisions decisions…
  12. TUA May 21. Will put these down for the long haul.
  13. Almost up to $100k AUD…steamrolling those stretch goals. What level needs to be reached where we all get a complimentary box of Esplendidos!?
  14. Found these waiting for me at the office this morning. MTS Oct 21. The appearance and aroma are phenomenal. …and these just came in as well. GLE Sep 21!
  15. I find myself now aimlessly browsing Kickstarter. This could get ugly before the day is over.
  16. In for the Collectors! Looks like good progress so far!
  17. They were in the bag for quite a while, in some cases days from what I recall. The room is constantly around 66 deg. It’s five or six hygrometers with similar results. Thanks for the thoughts. I am going to go back to calibrating all of the hygrometers using the 75, as this aligns much more harmoniously with the factory calibrations of the units as well as my expectations of what the RH should be in my containers based on storage conditions.

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