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  1. Sounds like a good excuse to by oneself a large quantity of nudies for Christmas!
  2. Partagas Lusitania 19-Mar UEB. As I sat on my back deck in the darkness this evening, drinking rum, slowly drifting through this cigar, I don’t know what I find more disconcerting, the flat, flavorless smoke, or the freakish sounds of the romantic evening interludes of some neighborhood raccoons. The first smoke from this box last summer was fireproof and got tossed. This one conversely had a perfect burn, but no flavor. I suppose I will put this box down for the long hall and see if it improves. Can’t win them all! At least the raccoon had a good night! 3/10
  3. Some poor soul is going to read this and go off the deep end on RyJ#2.
  4. Spanish cedar is used in humidors for its hygroscopic properties and due to the fact that it won’t ruin your cigars by adding unwanted taste. You should be ok.
  5. That was a nice bobcat toss, but that thing rebounded and took off like a bat out of hell. 😂
  6. N3 Carlota Colorado Rosado. Originally I thought the Maduro was preferable, but these are really giving them a run for their money.
  7. Gave me a chuckle today to see “Habanos is now on LinkedIn”. In this bat shit crazy world I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put up job postings for Torcedors!
  8. Put the torch to this young Sir Winston last night (Feb 21), that I received from a trade with @Thirdcoastwatch last year. First third came on slow and subtle with coffee, cream and cedar…opened up into an absolute madman in final two thirds, with intense graham cracker sweetness. Cheers Adam, fantastic smoke, thanks again!
  9. This is definitely an important point, that Trini doesn’t work for the Instagram crowd. Is Habanos so far removed from reality that they don’t understand this? Or do they expect the Asian markets to carry this wild increase. I saw a vendor listing Fundies priced at $3700 and Reyes at $900 this evening. Absolute madness.
  10. The box of Media Luna I am smoking through now is pure cookie dough.
  11. Did Behike remain unchanged. Those prices look reasonable?
  12. Well…on the bright side, this price raise now makes Sir Winston a value smoke!
  13. I love this film, and as fate would have I watched it last night. One of the things that strikes me every time I watch it is, that apart from the opening narration by Tommy Lee Jones, the first fifteen to twenty minutes is very light on dialogue. The balance of the film, while containing dialogue, uses it very sparingly. In my humble opinion, this film succeeds incredibly well at the filmmaking mantra of “show, don’t tell”. I have wanted to watch this movie on mute for quite some time to see how well it works without sound at all, next time around I will. 9/10
  14. This movie is pure fun to watch no matter how many times I have seen it. Hard to say best scene as there are so many…some of my favorite monologues are “What now…” Marsellus Wallace and the Christopher Walken watch monologue. 9/10
  15. You forgot about the punters asking if their glass top box is authentic.
  16. I received mine yesterday in NY from the En Primeur lot. Can’t wait to give it its due. The quality of the printing and the binding is very beautiful. Starting to wish I got a scratch and dent copy…I don’t want to open it anywhere near my kids lest they get their child grime on it!
  17. Pencil shavings wasn’t a flavor option!? Hah, I get it, but I find I reach for these less than I used to. I just smoked one (TPO Jun19), and while enjoy them I find the overall flavor profile rather one note.
  18. @Fosgate The capacity of this grill seems insane. Is there any drawback to using it for a smaller task like throwing on a couple of burgers. Also, do you find it acceptable to sear a steak? Part of me really wants this, but I feel like I might be purchasing it for the 1% (parties, etc.) of times I use it, rather than the 99% (family of four). I guess my main question is how do you like the versatility of it?
  19. Bring your time machine and set it five years into the future, and I am game. The only issue is that I no longer have a house, I traded it for this box of cigars.
  20. Excited to have these arrive this morning! EL Esplendidos.
  21. I remember one game we invented, where one boy would climb on my peaked garage roof, and lay down on his back. The others would wait down below and lob darts underhanded up to the roof, where the unfortunate soul above had to roll side to side to try to dodge said darts and attempt to not roll off the roof. Another thing that strikes me now that I have children is how nonchalant my mother was about letting me play in the ocean. I remember being tumbled about by strong surf from the time I was a young boy, and having to deal with it on my own.

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