Ramon Allones Small Club Corona POS ABR07


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For me the Ramon Allones Small Club Corona is the epitome of Cuban cigars. I don’t know why but the aroma just takes me back to my childhood, watching my great uncle smoking a pipe. It always amazes me how certain smells and sounds can invoke memories so vividly. Fantastic stuff.

As winter approaches here in Beijing the weather is turning decidedly colder. So what better way to christen the season than to smoke a RASCC as the last cigar that I will smoke outside this year. The stick I pick out looks the business, beautiful wrapper shade, not a blemish on it, and the aroma at cold is pure tobacco with a hint of sweet cream. Clipped it and the draw was spot on, not too tight, not too loose. Promises to be a great smoke. :drool:


Wow! From the very first draw you can tell this is an RASCC. Cheesecake, medium tobacco and cream fill the palate. Ample smoke fills the air and I savour every flavour that ensues. Before I know it I have smoked the first third and drunk most of my coffee – I am enjoying this cigar way too much!


As we reach the halfway point there is a subtle change in the profile. Slightly harsher, a little stronger tobacco, possibly a slight ginger flavour and some tar comes into the mix – have I been smoking this too fast? Most likely! It usually takes me an hour to smoke one of these and I’m already halfway through and it’s only been 15 minutes… so I think my over enthusiasm from the outset (and the fact my hands are slowly becoming numb) has marred the remainder of the cigar.


Final third now and my once hot coffee has turned into an Iced coffee. The sun is trying to break through but it is just getting colder and colder. I clip the cigar again and the tarry notes dissipate and I’m back into the cake. Gotta love the RASCC, it really hits the spot. The cigar still remains medium strength, never really altering except for a brief interlude in the middle, so I smoke it to the nub even though my body is crying out for me to get back indoors.


Overall a typical example of a great cigar. I’ve always found the RASCC to be approachable young and this is no exception. I recommend this and the Siglo I to everyone who I meet as I have rarely been let down by these two shorter format beauties. An excellent cigar to enjoy with a coffee, or any time you have an hour spare!

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I need to get a box of these. Lots of people seem to love them and I have only had one RASCC ever. I don't have an opinion on them.
DC, Go ahead and get a couple of boxes, if you like Ramon Allones, you will love these! Buy one to smoke and one to sleep. The 07 & 08 codes are smoking off the hook!
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The 07 & 08 codes are smoking off the hook!

This thread made me go smoke a May 07. They are coming along nicely. Core flavors are all there, but I feel could still use a bit more

integration of flavors, and smoothing of a few rough edges. But all in all, I certainly agree.

It would have been nicer if it was warmer than 30' F outside.....

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The cold weather is definitely a pain, and its not really even that cold yet... it just feels cold because the temperature drops about 10 degrees when the sun isn't out! I'm still working on the missus to let me convert the utility room into a winter smoking room... progress is being made... but it is very sloooow...

I've got a box of RASCC from May 07 as well... but I'm not going to crack these for another year or two... if I can resist that long....

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I've got a Czar box from April 07, they are great little cigars! The flavor profile is outstanding, fig, baked bread and chocolate... only issue I've had is several with a tight draw. Aristocrat is set at 65, I've let them rest for a few months since my last one, so time to revisit. Maybe dry box a couple of days first, and see what happens. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another box!

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