Need a lttle feedback on our surf team logo

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I hope I can properly articulate my thoughts....

I really like the black portion of the design. I wouldn't mind seeing "habanos" in black, and the same

font as "friends of", also removing the leaf.

I understand that these elements are part of the FOH logo, but in this case, I wouldn't mind a disassociation

with the commercial enterprise of HSA.

Just a thought, and not a "hard line" feeling.

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Looks nice, the girl looks a bit lazy to me, looks like her shoulders are way in front of her back, not a position I would dislike ;-) , but for the logo I think I would like her to look with more energy, walking straight.

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Guest Warren

» Shrink,


» LMFAO! :rotfl: You did, however, forget the nipples! :wink:

I guess the water is nice and warm in Cuba.;-)

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» Prez,


» I think you should sell t-shirts with this logo! You'd probably sell

» enough shirts to forum members to pay for a ton of surfboards!

PLEASE make up some nice t-shirts..I would love to wear this....

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