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  1. Golf, biking, vacation in Jamaica. Cigar w/micro beer or wine. iPod cranking on deck.
  2. At least 45 days off the truck. I have a bunch that are approaching 10 years. I believe in aging some, smoking some young.
  3. Max's has many good brews on tap, as well. But sorry, I won't be down there. Enjoy!
  4. I met/knew Chuck from the HCF board. When I joined here, Chuck put up my pic & a great welcoming reply to my intro post. He was a knowledgeable, very helpful, & kind man. RIP Chuck, you are truly missed.
  5. Sorry I missed this one. Happy Belated Birthday Smithy!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Rob, hope it was a great one! Enjoy the trip.
  7. Hello & welcome Mike! Exit 105 here.
  8. Hey Jerome, welcome to FOH from a Jersey Shore member!
  9. A RASS from 03 that got me started on this thing (gifted by a brother from another board). An RA Eminencia ('05) gifted by Kornazoo, that was out of this world.

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