2007 Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Forum Group Review

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20 members were selected last year to review the Saint Luis Rey Double Corona 2007. I put aside two cabinets which looked near identical so that each year we could do a follow up review at this time of year (March).We will send out a single SLRDC every January. We will retain them here in storage during the interim to ensure that they are held in identical climatic conditions.

The SLR DC were shipped out before I left so they are at or near the 30 day rest mark.

Between now and the 31st of March, find an opportunity to conduct your full review. I initially set it down for the final weekend of March but there is no need to be so stringent. Take your time, find the right moment and commence. Post on this thread.

This is a five year exercise so it will be interesting to see how the cigars evolve.

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» Not to be a pain in the rear, but you had mentioned you might have us all

» follow a particular format.

» Willl that be the case, or just go with it? Thanks again!

Let me post the format and thanks for the reminder....oh pain in the arse ;-)

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Cigar Review Format:


* Previous experience with SLR DC

* What drink will you be pairing this with (if anything)

* Setting. Paint a picture.


* Initial thoughts to include

- visual amenity

- wrapper (touch/look)

- construction (hard or soft spots/weight in hand/bunching of foot/ cap)

- aroma at cold

- Pre light Draw. Resistance and noted flavours.

First third/2nd third/Final third.


flavours/weight on palate/strength.



Ash (colour/structure....firm/flaky).



Contstruction during its length (splits/tunnels etc).

Subjective Conclusion. Comparisons.

Rating out of 100. Use your Gut. Rate out of six if you prefer.

Use flavour and complexity as the bias (weighted) feature in your rating.

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Ready to go...just need to find the perfect moment. The weather here is in transition, but I imagine things will warm up a bit in the next week or two for a review out on the deck. :-D

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come on guys, Im dying to read through this post and see some reviews. I have a feeling that this post will sell a lot more than the 2 cabs you are using for the experiment Prez.

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I'm balls-out preparing for a conference 3/26-29 and then upon my return, tons of family will be here for our youngest one's first birthday so 3/31 looks to be the target date for me.

Thank you again for including me on this fascinating journey!


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Since I'm not in the group, here's my full review of a MAR 07 example.

Damn good cigar. Almost as good as the 2001s & better any any years in between.

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» Since I'm not in the group, here's my full review of a MAR 07 example.


» Damn good cigar. Almost as good as the 2001s & better any any years in

» between.

Steve, you jumped the gun. This will require a re-start. Please return to the starting blocks.

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» » Since I'm not in the group, here's my full review of a MAR 07 example.

» »

» » Damn good cigar. Almost as good as the 2001s & better any any years in

» » between.


» Steve, you jumped the gun. This will require a re-start. Please return to

» the starting blocks.

You know us old hippies- time is an asteroid.:-D

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I had today off, and with it’s being the first day of Spring (Happy Autumn to the folks in the Southern Hemisphere!), and a few days before Easter, I thought it would be a Good Friday (nyuk nyuk) to put the SLR DC to the torch.

It looks a though I’ll be posting the first review. I’m glad for this, as I’ll be able to read everyone else’s without being concerned about other opinions swaying my thoughts.

As it’s never been discussed, I did not take any photos, as I’m guessing others will, and I don’t want to take up too much space on this thread.


Previous Experience: I recall having had one or two of these in the early part of the decade. I’m a fan of the marca, but not a particular fan of the Prominente vitola - they’re bigger - particularly in girth - than I usually like to smoke.

Drink Pairing: As is often the case for me, it’s a glass of water.

Setting: I had hoped, with the coming of spring, that I could sit out on the porch, but it’s very windy in Southern New England today, so I retired to my usual cold weather garage/storage smoking spot.


Visual: Nice looking cigar. Not astounding, but nice

Wrapper: Attractive “regular” coffee hue, with a good looking oily sheen to it. A little veiny, with a few green “water spots” near the head.

Construction: Respectable heft in my hand. It doesn’t feel over- or underfilled. Feels it bit tight/full near the head, but not to the degree that I’m worried about its being plugged. There are a few soft spots down the length of the cigar, but they aren’t severe enough to be of concern. The foot looks well bunched, as if it will draw well. After cutting the cap, the bunch underneath looks slightly tight.

Aroma at cold: An excellent, earthy aroma of mushroom and cocoa from the wrapper. This cold aroma is the highlight this cigar thus far. The foot smells of cardboard and light pepper.

Prelight draw: Slightly tight, but it will likely open up as things warm up. There are earthy/fungal and bitter flavors to the cold draw.

First Third

The intial draws are a mouthful - cocoa, baking spices, bitterness, pepper, and a sweet and sour fruit or honey note, with a hints of salt all appear in the first few puffs. Very flavorful/medium strength, with body on the heavy side of medium. In the first inch, each draw is different, building on the initial ones. It’s tangy, and quite tannic, with flinty hint appearing. The finish is quite bitter, but the aftertaste is clean tobacco flavor. Peppery in the nose. I can’t speak much to aroma, as once I light a cigar, it smells similar to others to me.

It burns well, with a medium gray ash that falls off after one inch. Very even burn.

The second inch and third inch or so are still quite complex, but the flavors are muted, and less discernable. Some salty notes become more prevalent, and a grassy flavor is evident.

Second Third

Becoming somewhat reminiscent of a young Cohiba Robusto - grass and honeyed sweetness. Thinner in body, with a funky, earthy aftertaste. Finish is still bitter. Less tannic than the first third, but it still appears youthful.

There are fewer changes in flavor in the second third, and it’s much less complex.

As the second third draws to a close, it becomes woody, with sweet/tangy undertones.

Nose is still fairly peppery, with little else I can pick out. Ash remains solid and medium gray. The draw has opened up some, as I expected it would.

Final Third

A continuation of the second third - not very complex. The woody sweetness continues, with some herbal flavors mixed in . With about two inches to go, the herbal notes turn to bitterness, and it’s time for a purge. This pushes the bitterness off briefly, and the herbal taste returns, along with some hints of leather, and a very faint berry taste.

With about an inch and a half left, I put it to rest - the bitter flavors and finish tell me it’s time.


This is a very well-made cigar. Quality tobacco, good construction, and pleasant to smoke. The first inch or so was terrific and complex. The majority of the rest of it was enjoyable, but not fantastic. I attribute this to its youth, and expect that with a few more years, it will come together very nicely.

My rating : A solid 87 overall, with the early draws in the mid-90s. Not something I would reach for right now - in part because the size isn’t one of my favorite, and in part because it smoked (as it should) like a young cigar.

My thanks again to Rob, Lisa and the FOH crew for making this experiment possible. I expect that as the next four years pass, that the SLR DC will become more interesting overall, and I look forward to meeting with it each March to discover the changes it has gone through.

I look forward even more to seeing what my compatriots’ thoughts are about this cigar.

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Thanks for the great, honest review tigger. I too have found that the SLR DC could benefit from a good amount of age.

Not to rub it in, but I'm out on the porch having a cigar and some El Dorado 12 yr Rum and its mid 70's and beautiful...I love Florida!:-D

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» Not to rub it in, but I'm out on the porch having a cigar and some El

» Dorado 12 yr Rum and its mid 70's and beautiful...I love Florida!:-D

Not to rub it in!!!!

The problem with Florida is the humidity and lack of cool air when needed. Check out California sometime.... It is not as warm as often as Florida, but when it is, the quality of the warmth blows FL away!! (IMNSHO)

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My review of the 2007 SLR DC


My previous experience has been a couple of aged cabs. I honestly do not smoke these often enough. I currently have one cab left (SOL NOV05).

This particular cigar was paired with Elmer T. Lee 90 proof bourbon.

A rather mundane setting. A friday night after work has ended. I have climbed into my overalls and positioned my fat arse into my recliner in front of the tv in our living room.

The esposa is ensconced on the sofa with our two Chinese Shar-Pei reclining after a day of reclining. It is a dogs life.

I always burn a scented candle while the air filter is running and we smoke inside.


The cigar itself is smooth, well rolled without bumps, lumps or soft spots. It is a golden tan in color. Its' weight in the hand was balanced and not overly heavy. Seemed very well made.

Smell at cold is a mix of earthiness, cedar and tobac.

Clipped the cap and was rewarded with a slightly firm draw. Mostly tobac flavor and some light earthiness.

Ok got it fired up easily. Initial flavor is surprising to me for this is one of the only 2007 releases I have smoked that started out with definite flavor in the first half inch.

A lite/medium mouthfeel and strength. A sweet fruitiness is immediately noted.

As I proceed though the first one third this one continues to deliver the initial flavors along with a mustiness that gives some depth.

Ash is a light gray and holds for an inch or more at a time easily. There are nuances of flavor of what is to come. Unless it poops out on me. LOL

As I enter the second third there is abundant smoke. The complexity of flavors is pretty amazing for a cigar of this age and especially for an SLR DC as my experience in the past has been that they need a number of years to start showing this kind of flavor. Much more depth than I expected.

Here I was expecting a mild muted young cigar and I get one that tastes like a 3 year old.

Very surprising to me. The complexity shows an earthy herbalness and some sweetness. Waxing and waning between sips. Still a little muted to some degree. Teasing youth and potential.

The bourbon accentuates the cigar and the cigar empowers the bourbon. The aftertase leads to a sip of bourbon.

The mouthfeel is a liquid smokey herbal and fruitiness marrying the two into a relaxing combination.

The final third really only picked up a little if at all and it went south on me just below the band. Finally showing it's youth.

All in all an enjoyable cigar and like I said surprising to me as some of the other '07 releases that folks are raving about just have not delivered for me. This was much better. Bodes well for what is to come from this cigar.

First rate in my opinion and ranking high along with the Partagas Lusitanias in complex flavors given the age.

This will be a discerning smoker's cigar. Tons of potential.

I really enjoyed this cigar! I give it an 89 right now but fully expect these to go right up the scale with age.

I think what will be interesting is to see how fast or slow it achieves beatification. Which flavors will come forth. Which will wax to be replaced by something else possibly.

Five years on these and they should be off the chart.

Thanks Rob! This is fun. :-D

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Very nice Ross. I had tried a few from my '05 cab and at first they were as you described. I smoked one not long ago and it seems they are just now starting to turn for the better...but still have awhile to go.

Whats with the pic thats foggy except for the middle..another photoshop trick?...or did you huff on the lens to fog it up:-D

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» Whats with the pic thats foggy except for the middle..another photoshop

» trick?...or did you huff on the lens to fog it up:-D

I was trying to isolate the ribbon indentation..... maybe I was breathing a little heavy :lookaround:

This will definitely be an interesting exercise.

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» » Whats with the pic thats foggy except for the middle..another photoshop

» » trick?...or did you huff on the lens to fog it up:-D


» I was trying to isolate the ribbon indentation..... maybe I was breathing

» a little heavy :lookaround:


» This will definitely be an interesting exercise.

Gotcha....thats usually what my visions like after smoking one of these monster cigars - i have to drink more rum to accommodate:-|

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Funny you mentioned that Austin. I drank about 1/3 of a bottle of 23 Zacapa tonight with an 07 Lusi, very nice.

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I receieved a cab from nov 07 today and immediately lit one up. Shouldn't have...Way too young with burn issues and shock full of nicotine! I almost toppled over and had to put it down halfway, lol. The first inch was very promising though with a nice fullness and fruity tones.

I agree with CIGARHead that the 05's are getting better now. I had one the other day and it was a clear improvement from earlier smokes from that cab. Nubbed that one!

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SLR DC Prez 5 yr Experiment

Draw cold - perfect

Cap - perfect

Wrapper - Golden brown -rough and bumpy and veiny to the touch. Not the prettiest SLR DC I have seen.

Smell at cold - lite tobacco flavor but not over powering a smooth smell if that makes sense?

1st - lite tobacco flavor sweet classic SLR flavor some lite salt noted . But also bitter - green flavor because of its age .Definitely needs some nap time can taste it already from the first couple of puffs .Med flavor but smooth

2nd - Still sweet SLR flavor with some salt.But also noted nutty / bready flavor. Other flavors are there but are not identifying them selves because of it youth and present dominate bitter flavor.Med flavor but smooth

Half point - Same as above noted but with some lite pepper and a hint of vanilla .

To the nub - Still more of the same noted when you thought this cigar was going to open up it was knock down by the green bitterness of its youth .I really thought this was going to be a memorable smoke but it was a let down.All the wonderful flavors I noted did not really blossom to what they will be in the future.As this little experiment progresses it will be a positive one in the years to come.As the SLR DC sample showed some greatness at times but was crushed by its youth.

The cigar had a short finish.

Burn was perfect to the nub

Also I have smoke a cab and a half with the same age 2 years ago and they were much better smokes young. Not showing me any youthfulness this specimen showed me they were perfect.


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I received this SLRDC from El Pres a few weeks back. Put it in the Aristocrat for a rest. Had the opportunity to go up to my place in central Wisconsin to relax and review this Double Corona. There was only 18 inches of snow left on the ground out of 36 inches. It was cold so I fired up the old wood burner and sat down to relax with a bottle of water, the DC, and my kids making S'mores !




Nice looking cigar. A few soft spots but nicely bunched. Medium wrapper. Dry but silky to the touch with little oil visible. Weight seemed good in hand. Smell at cold was horse barn to me, and my wife agreed !



I forgot my Xikar so I mutilated the cap with a shitty guillotine I had laying around. Cold draw showed a slightly tight draw but clean tobacco and earth taste. I looked forward to firing it up


1st Third- I charred the foot and fired it up. The initial flavor was of charred wood and some earthiness. I noticed the smoke volume was a bit less than I prefer but it was too early to complain. As i cruised thru the 1st third the SLR ever so slowly began to open up to slight spice and citrus notes . Nice creamy mouthfeel but not building much strength. Thru the nose have me a hint of anise. Ash was lt. gray and sturdy.


2nd Third- At this point smoke volume started increasing along with the body which I would still peg at light to near medium. Spice and some dried fig starting to show with clean tobacco. There is some complexity trying to make it thru but not quite getting there. Ash still flawless.


Final 3rd- Started with a bit of a yawn...mostly charred wood and youthful flavor...I wanted my dried fruit and spice back !! Deep into the final 3rd it finally did reappear in spades and I was loving it again.


My impressions of this cigar are simple. It shows some youth but over the years it should be a winner. Not my favorite vitola but still very enjoyable young . Thanks for the opportunity to review. FOH !! Sorry for the lousy pictures. Had the damn thing set on Macro or something !!;-)

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SLR Double Corona Review:

Over the Easter Holiday, I had the opportunity to smoke for my first time a SLR Double Corona. After a festive morning, I took the DC out of the humidor and looked it over carefully. The light Colorado hue wrapper was slightly split about a inch from the foot and had a crack horizontally 2 inches below the band. The cigar held a silky smooth texture. I decided to sample this cigar with a glass of ice water.

The pre-lite draw delivered a Green Bell Pepper flavor that I have seldom come across, which was also the sweet peppery spiciness that coated my palate upon the torch bringing this Double Corona to light. The first inch or so, the SLR DC was very tannic. Once the cigar opened up around the 2 inch, I tasted paprika, anise and typical cooking spice.

The second third began with a vanilla beany tone then went back to the paprika and a straw grassy flavor which was quite pleasant. The spiciness was always in the background which included red, yellow and green pepper. I noticed a lite coffee and milk chocolate mixed with the peppery spice.

The sweet milky coffee and chocolate essence is what brought the 3rd portion of this Double Corona. The sweet bell pepper flavor really shone throughout the entire sampling. The medium body and medium flavored SLR Double Corona finished with the now signature paprika and sweet green bell pepper essence.

It is of my opinion that a 100 point rating scale is totally worthless as it makes no real sense. Who can say what a 82 or a 89 is???? So in this case, I’ll rate the SLR DC a 87. A rating that does make sense to other cigar smoker is that this was a very good cigar, one that I would recommend to another. I would rate this SLR DC a 4 out of 6 smoke ring cigar, one that everyone that enjoys a medium flavor and bodied cigar.


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» It is of my opinion that a 100 point rating scale is totally worthless as

» it makes no real sense. Who can say what a 82 or a 89 is????

Just for the sake of discussion, here is how I use the 100 point scale:

Appearance 15

Smoking Characteristics 25

(mainly construction)

Taste 30

Overall Impression 30

Personally, I do not just arbitrarily choose a number, and find the 100 point scale offers quite

a bit of flexibility.

It certainly is not perfect, and though I try and use it as objectively as possible, in the end,

any awarding of points is subjective.

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