Vegas Robaina Maestro RE


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VR Maestro Spanish RE - 141 mm x 50

Mid 07 (box code unknown off hand)


Drink: HC7 neat, many thanks to a French err German friend.


Earth at cold, medium draw. Triple cap is bit loose, and slightly underfilled directly beneath the RE band. Good construction otherwise.


First third: Maintains earth throughout, with a creamy bean struggling to come to the surface. Plenty of thick smoke, but an uneven burn. Ran on me a few times, especially up the back.

Second third: Still earthy, and still having problems with the burn.


Last third: Starts to shine, earth calms down and the smooth creamy bean flavor beings to pick up. Does not go harsh until the very end. Maybe some chocolate undertones?


Overall: Good for such a young cigar, although I'm disappointed with the burn issues. Dryboxed for 2 days prior to smoking. Maybe longer would have helped?

Solid 88. Could use a long sleep, but still very approachable at this point. Will resample late 08 or early 09.


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» » Great review; outstanding photography!


» Yep... Puggles is doin' the Spanish flamenco here! How do these compare to

» the standard VR's?

I *love* these cigars.

I think they are better than the regular VR's, but that is mostly based on older VR stock. I have only tried recent Famosos (2006) which were good, but very strong, and not nearly as balanced at the Maestro.

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» I'm doing the happy dance this morning. They just arrived! Now we play the

» waiting game. How long can I hold out before trying one???

Great review. These are a new favorite of mine.

Hey TrumpetChris -glad you got them. Beautiful presentation, huh?

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