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  1. Typically it falls the week before thanksgiving. Also typically the dates don't ever seem to come out until the late summer before if memory serves me correctly....which is annoyingly Cuba.
  2. sell them to a friend for $5......split it with her and buy them back from the friend later.....Im a Doctor not a lawyer and this is not medical advice, but sounds good to me. or value them really high, insist they are her part and take the real assets....just to piss her off. Just being a dick again. Its the Bourbon.
  3. This news is not surprising at all. I'm actually surprised it took this long.
  4. I dont remember a single EL from 2011-2013 soId have to say all of those....Im pretty solid on the other years, although this years punch for the price......gthoh....not gonna happen
  5. Bud, Ill send my end with Jacob if I dont see you before then, and you can just hand off to him. :-) ......Gene, the 1966's were good, thanks again..... Dave says to say thanks too. I will not be in attendance for this one fellas, gotta work if you can believe that. Actually I might show up at 4 and have some bbq and a quick smoke, but wont know until the day of. Cheers!
  6. Damn....where do I get a bottle of Redbreast 25 year!
  7. Yeah, at least we get a few skinnys in there....kinda. I wish they would just bring back some of the old goodies. The cohibas wont be seen for 3 years per the current trend. It was exactly 3 years ago the rJ gran reserva was debuted...and we are just seeing them. 2019 Hoyo, 2020 sir winnie GR
  8. partagas SDC #1 for me......miss those, and many more. I just got into this cigar when it was discontinued. Loved it and then couldnt get it. I find that very disappointing. Although Id go with the no band boxes! Pic came from source I hope.
  9. Probably pre-release Cohiba Talisman, and trying to get a pretty penny for them. Havent heard anything about pricing of this release though....Im sure @Elpresidente can chime in and help us out here.
  10. I like them, but dont smoke them often. I love the new German market format though where they are offering them in a 50 cab.....just freaking awesome presentation.
  11. Bud I dont know where you come up with all these videos! BTW getting off work at 5 will be there before I thought.
  12. New rule.....if you have the flu you must wait until the next herf. I gotta draw the line somewhere. You know dr and all. @Shikar would agree with me I believe! For the sake of the children.....and the “older than me” peepS
  13. No those mag 54's are not ready yet. Those videos were great though Bud! This relates to me a little more.
  14. Bolivar Poderoso- just flippin tasty Diplomatico Bushido - great at first, also mellowed, only time will tell SP Eslavo - were amazing, have mellowed, hopefully dont disappear flavor wise Boli Tesoro - may end up as the best regional of this decade in a few years time SLR Marquez - love these for some reason, not for everyone though big disappointments RA 225, everything spanish since the pl legendario, all swiss regionals since triunfos, la escepcion don jose(not even a figment of the selectos finos) honorable mentions - RA 898, JL malecon
  15. I just need to know so I can prepare myself appropriately.... but will there be anyone from Dallas there this time? ;-)
  16. Im working on trying to be there on time as opposed to late as planned, but still about 50/50 on that one. Trying to decided which non-cubans to bring you guys this time ;-)
  17. I always figured these were just recycled Upmann robusto EL's they couldnt sell the first time around. I'd quite like a bo with a 2017 code and a box with an old code...its one of those "oh Habanaos" the SLR regios in the ERDM choix suprema boxes a particular vendor received a couple years ago.
  18. Havent smoked one of these in a while, but I have not had a good one yet. Im hoping that changes. All the ones Ive had burned poorly (surprisingly) and they tasted very very young. Will probably wait another 3 years to open another box.

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