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  1. Yah: https://www.loveantiques.com/items/listings/antique-novelty-brass-dagger-cigar-cutter-LA381208
  2. JO Novedosos on a typically Pacific Northwest day at the family retreat. All is well 🙂
  3. ooo a whole new internet. just for cigar stuff! I'll hoist some LanceroLink satellites to make sure we get signal in any corner of the globe.
  4. Thanks for sharing @El Presidente! Cool to hear your insights on these sticks. Next time you're in the states or the EU, try and find a d'Crossier. Completely unknown to me and picked up a box blind about two weeks ago, have been floored by them.
  5. These are good points! I often look at the Davidoff Oro Blanco - my local shops regularly sell out of them. If there's a working market for $500 a pop Davidoffs, then I figure Behikes should be able to command that price no problem. Just about laughed out of the room over on Reddit when mentioning that I wouldn't be surprised at that price point or more by the summer of 2023 or 4.
  6. Ah, just my local lounge! Lots of table space, fast WiFi and usually very quiet during the day
  7. Resampling some AoC sticks I tried last month that didn't smoke well - El Laguito Ideales and Alex G Flying Pig. The Alex G Silgo IV's I burned through about a year ago were fantastic! Seems the sticks purchased in Jan/Feb of this year are significantly younger. Figured I should give them the same chance I'd give a box... Moved them from the main 65/65 humidors into the 62% desktop for almost 3 weeks. Then, dry boxed them both for two days in an unhumidified desktop. The result is a significantly different experience! Settin up for another brutally stressful day at work 😁 The Flying Pig The Ideales The AG FP's flavor was so much better this time around. Gone was the bitter tasting wrapper and flavor profile. The cigar still had some trouble burning evenly and staying lit. The profile reminded me of the RG 88 - the APAC regional from a few years ago. Not what I'd call a complex cigar but a quintessentially Cuban example of rich tobacco flavors, cream, and tang. This experience firmed up my belief in these cigars needing a rest. To the bottom/back of the humidor they go! The Ideales I'm still on the fence about. Granted I've not had a Cohiba Ideales (has anyone here?) so this comparison is entirely unqualified and based on my experience with production EL Cohiba and other "EL" custom rolls. This cigar carried quite a bit more body compared to other Cohiba or custom EL vitolas, even some spice in the retro. The first half of the cigar was a nice smoke. Rich flavors of earthy tobacco, molasses sweetness, and coffee with cream. It burned dead even and the ash held a bit after the picture above. Strangely, like a switch at the half way point, the cigar fell apart. The wrapper split slightly at the burn line and consistently split about a 1/4 inch above the the burn for the rest of the cigar. The burn became uneven and the ash no longer held. The body and flavor went sideways as well - the body went from medium-full to under medium and the palate went bitter, tasting similar the one from about a month ago. The cigar closed out this way, unfortunately. If I didn't know better (and I may not, haha), I'd say they were over humidified. Given where they've been resting for the last month, I have a hard time taking that to heart. Is this another sign of a young cigar? Not sure. Will say this...although I very much don't want to be "that guy", it didn't ring as a particularly Cuban profile to my palate. Will probably sample these again in 8 months to a year. Fingers crossed!
  8. Thanks for sharing, this is encouraging! I've found the Papo sticks to be good and consistent overall. Sampled my third Alex Flying Pig today, dry boxing for 3 days made a tremendous difference. The last two were super bitter, didn't burn well, and were very muted and harsh. Dry boxing got me a stick that was creamy and nutty with some nice toasty tobacco notes. Nothing particularly mind-blowing but a nice cigar.
  9. I heard Habanos swapped this for reading tea leaves to determine pricing 🙃
  10. Little bit of thread necro here but wanted to post that I'll be taking the Bliss on Norwegian here pretty soon. Will grab some pics of the lounge, cigars for sale, and prices. I'm not a huge fan of cruises but the wife twisted my arm with the lounge and a last day stop in Victoria. Managed to get my mits on a cab of Siglo IV, a box of Sancho Belis and some other goodies. The shop is kind enough to extend current pricing as I'll be there after June 13th. The plain packaging situation should be interesting. When I called and asked the shop about Espy, he just chuckled 😏 Haven't brought boxes back via cruise ship before, that'll be a learning experience.
  11. Literally the only time I was able to find bottles that didn't require a kidney. Still have two...probably need to drink them this summer.
  12. aaand the box came in just as I was typing up the reply. Here's a few shots of this d'Crossier box:
  13. Should be the same blend, as far as I can tell! L'Alphiniste is the long torpedo at 6.7" x 56. I tend to like the Epernay line in larger vitolas as opposed to lines like Illusione Ultra where I definitely prefer the smaller sized MK.
  14. Ran into a new (to me) NC brand this past week at the lounge: d'Crossier Golden Blend Reserva One of the owners bought a box blind and shared a stick. The cigar hails from Costa Rica with a multi-country blend and some of the now familiar Nelson Alfonsoesque mystery around Cuban tobacco being in the filler. The cigar smoked like a slightly fuller bodied Atabey, really enjoyable. Ended up buying a box the same day. Lately, on the NC front: Fuente Anejo 46 Sobremesa Brulee Blue Byron Distinguidos 21st Century Atabey Spiritus La Barba Purple (this is a Caldwell stick but very approachable) Illusione Epernay L'Alphiniste Based on more than a few recommendations, I have a couple Curivari Buena Ventura samplers in the mail. Fingers crossed on these as the price is so good. As a reference point, on the Cuban front, I'm generally a big fan of HdM, Monte, Upmann, RyJ, specific Bolivars.
  15. Ah, that’s fair! I’m 22 years in and haven’t spotted a wrapper like this either. My question was more related to the other thread where they spotted some moldy sticks and had humidity issues with the walk-in. More of a context-combo type question 🙃

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