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Cigar: Bolivar Colosales, German Regional Edición

Reviewed Date: December 6, 2007

Size: 6.1 inch (155mm) x 50 ring gauge

Shape: Robusto Extra, Dobles

Origin: Cuban

Age: 2006

Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to try a few cigars that while they had been resting in the humidor for about a year, I had never sampled them. The Bolivar Regional Edición Colosales from 2006 found its self on the menu. We were sitting outside in front of Central Cigars in St Petersburg. The temperature was a nice mid 60’s, just cool enough to be very comfortable, yet not too cool to drive the ample night life strolling along the Avenue away. There is a near by University that provides some eye candy talent to gaze upon while not being inside the smoke filled cigar bar. Rocky Patel was having a large sponsored event last night. While none of us (Kodiakbr, Professor Twain and I) participated in his promotion, we enjoyed our cigars while talking and listening to the local clients speak about their experiences.

The Colosales had been stored inside my Aristocrat at 70 degrees and 63-65% rh and felt nice in my hand. It was not hard and when squeezed just a touch it gave and returned to its shape. I clipped the cigar and found a divot where the roller had taken the time to provide that extra touch. The draw was not tight and if anything, I thought that in my opinion it was a little on the loose side. Each to their own with what they prefer.

From the start, the cigar took the flame and leaped into providing mild earthy flavor. It was my initial impression that the first third was a “Bolivar Lite”. Yes the flavor was there and it did taste good, it was just so mild in my opinion. Moving into the second third, the Colosales built some additional strength and the leather and sweet spice developed reminding me of a Royal Corona, yet still maintaining a mild tone. The Colosales in my opinion was a very balanced cigar while continuing to develop into the last third, where the earthiness, leather, nuttiness and spice built into a medium bodied profile.

I enjoyed the Bolivar Colosales even though I was hoping for more strength of body. The flavors and balance while mild for my palate made this a nice cigar to smoke. I have a couple more buried in the humidor that I believe I’ll let them sleep a few more years and see how they are then. I would rate the Colosales that I smoked as a 4 ring gauge cigar as it was a very good cigar, just not what I was expecting.

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Thanks for the review. Mild or medium and flavorful is nice, but as a Bolivar fan, I too would hope for

more depth of body. Hopefully this is a matter of age, and not the intentional result of blending.

Glad to hear the JL Obus was more to your liking.

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Thanks for the interesting, and very accurate review, Chuck.

Like you, I found this cigar to be very smooth and sophisticated. The flavors were unmistakably Bolivar, but it just didn't have the oomph I was hoping for. Still, a very enjoyable smoke.

Later, when I fired up an '06 BCE, I thought to myself, "Now this is a Bolivar!"

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Im smoking one of these right now, and i see what you mean by Bolivar light! With the size and look of this smoke, i definitely expected a bit more body, but its still a damn good cigar. The draw is perfect, with a very nice even burn. I would smoke another for sure, i just wish it had a bit more oomph.;-)

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Nice review Chuck :ok:

Colt may have hit it on the head and that you will see a commensurate increase in body as the years roll by. I love lighter styled cigars when complexity is there but not necessarilly so in a large format.

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