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  1. Soft shell jackets are a water resistant, usually insulated layer. They breathe better than fully waterproof shells (hard shells) and are great for layering under a hardshell jacket in cold weather.
  2. Arc'teryx makes some great jackets. Another brand to check out is Mountain Hardwear, i really like their gear.
  3. I am not a huge IPA drinker, but there are a few i like, including the DFH beers. Founders brewery out of Michigan makes a 12% IPA called the Devil Dancer, which is definitely worth trying. My current favorite beers are: (this changes about every month) Left Hand Milk Stout Founders Porter Bell's Porter Rogue Dead Guy Ale Stone Smoked Porter Mac and Jacks (which i cant get, since its pretty much only available in the upper northwest around Seattle) Goose Island Nut Brown Ale
  4. I havent been smoking a lot of CCs lately, but this Mag 50 (not sure on the box date) im smoking now is excellent!
  5. huh.....im not going to lie, thats one of the oddest cigar related things ive seen. I dont think ill be trying that anytime soon.
  6. To be honest, Dips have never really done much for me. I cant really say what it is about them that i dont like, i just never remember being wowed by any of them...
  7. Working, and hopefully smoking a few cigars and having a few beers. I just picked up the Bell's Octoberfest and am loving it!
  8. Thats so stupid...Ive been out of college for about a year and half now and am STILL looking for a job, but thats not the universitie's fault.
  9. Work, friday, saturday and sunday. Hopefully ill sneak in a few cigars at some point.
  10. Im smoking one of these now for my birthday cigar and am really enjoying it! This one isnt really showing any signs of youth and is very flavorful. Im not even a fan of Cuaba and am really liking this! Ken was dead on by saying these dont taste like your usual Cuaba, they are actually good!
  11. There they go again, bickering like an old married couple
  12. licking the cigar before you smoke it. There is a guy at my local that licks his entire cigar before smoking it. Ick. In a cigar shop, putting the foot of the cigar to your nose. I dont want to smoke something that has touched the end of some other persons nose!
  13. Nice reviews! The review on the Monte surprised me, as well as how much the Pepin lancero sucked! I havent had the blue label lancero, but ive had a few of the other Lanceros Pepin blends and have loved them.
  14. I use a hair dryer and heat up the glue on the box, and have had fairly good luck getting the sticker off without leaving too much of the adhesive behind. Its a pain in the ass though.
  15. Very nice review! I just saw this thread as i was finishing up reviewing this cigar myself! I had a very similar experience with the one i smoked. Since you already did a nice review of it for this forum, ill just post as link to my review on my blog: Quai D'Orsay Coronas review
  16. When we first started dating, my girlfriend tried a cigar once, and that was the last time. fast forward 4 years and shes still not interested, but puts up with my cigar obsession. I dont need her to enjoy them, as long as she doesnt try to stop me from enjoying a cigar when i want one!
  17. Was the video ever posted? maybe i just missed it somewhere...
  18. Tatuaje does, because they are made by Don Pepin Garcia, who puts dates on his products (all the Pepin cigars ive had boxes of have had dates on them.)
  19. Thanks a lot! Its something i really enjoy doing and im glad others like reading my posts. I try to get at least 1 review up per week, depending on if i have a chance to pick up some new cigars to review.
  20. Just finished up doing a review of the Bolivar Gold Medal (sorry, no box code as it was a gift) for my cigar blog, check it out if you want! my cigar blog
  21. very cool! I tend to save pretty much everything cigar related, boxes,bands,tubos etc. i should actually do something with all this stuff one of these days.
  22. I like facebook for a place to post pictures for free and get ahold of people i dont get to see or have lost contact information for. Mostly facebook is a complete waste of time and people put way too much personal info on these type of sites, but it does have a few useful things about it (ok, not many).

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