Hello from Cuba!

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ken and I are almost back folks after our 16 day Havana research and development mission. The only thing remaining to do is to delete all incriminating photographs and pray to God our luggage makes it back.

It will take us a few days to collate the photo´s and stories but we have had a remarkable time amongst industry and non industry friends.

On the cigar front, the new Cohiba 5 Maduro line is sensational. To me a case of Padron Anniversary meets Cohiba. Price line will be 10% above normal Cohiba line but supply is limited to amount of 5 year old Maduro leaf available. They won´t disclose anticipated quantities. Everyone should have 10 box set aside for a special occasion. General release not until July.

Other highlights:

Ken managed to misplace/lose 125 Hamlet Paredes cigars :surprised:

Macho left a bottle of Chateau d´Yquem on the canoe at Las Salinas while bonefishing, never to be seen again.

One of the best Havana pool parties of all time at our house. Photo´s currently being heavily edited.

Spending plenty of time with Hamlet mostly at our house. I gave him his first Partagas Serie De connoisseur No 3 (1998) and he was blown away. It looks like it will become part of his personal rotation which is a huge turnaround given he thought anything less than a 46 ring gauge was an affront to nature.

More when I get back fella´s!

Love you Lise! Have some great paintings for you. No nudes this year.

Big manly handshake Smithy! Have some great Caney rum rattling around in my bags.


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As always, your stories about the yearly adventure to Havana will be the talk around here for many months to come. Looking forward to them as well as the photos! The best of which are probably the one needed to be deleted/edited. Also looking forward to hearing about the proposal meeting you had about the Heritage Connaisseur sized cigars and all the other leading edge news you bring with you.


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» Good God please tell me the 125 Hamlets were found...

Forget the Hamlets, it should be physical punishment for loosing a bottle of Chateau d´Yquem even if its not a Pétrus

Looking forward to read the maduro review

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haha the cigars, a real ken moment I hope somehow you mightve managed to recover them

as for the y'quem what a tragedy

can't wait to see the photos

hope you had a great time rob

and learnt lots of course..

Cam -

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After seeing the pictures that you've taken in the past I can't wait to see the new ones you're bringing back. I'm sure the board will be busy with all of your stories. I can't wait:yes:

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