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  1. People don't age them because they can't afford to only smoke well aged Cubans. It's a damn shame and a waste of potential but that's reality fer ya.
  2. I just bought an '08 box of TEB RASCC that are fantastic. No contest compared to any other RASCC I've smoked.
  3. If it were me, I'd smoke the one on the left, assuming it even draws, to see if it tastes any good. It it's terrible, then I would dissect it. I've seen many dissected fakes and they don't do it for me.
  4. I suffer from a rare condition known as "compulsion cigaric", caused by a chemical alteration in the brain region of the cortex, which leads to smoking cigars several times a day to relieve the deep anguish that it causes.
  5. I assume you haven't tried many Cubans. The robusto sampler is $157 US. Not a bad cigar in the bunch. Take notes on each and determine what flavor profile you like. Then you MAY want to buy a box or two. Splitting a box with a friend is a good beginning strategy, too.
  6. I'm doing my part! Dalias, reyes, minutos, and coronitas are always in my rotation.
  7. Excellent critique, Wilkster! It's great to observe critical reading in these uncritical times. Steve
  8. Now you've done it! I'd almost forgotten that I'm out of BRCs, too.
  9. It could be straight forward, like you say. I have trusted vendors that have sent me SOME boxes with no bar code. They were fine.

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