Thunderbird One.....Away

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I am packed and ready to go. Leave for Havana in the am and just 36 hrs later will be having a Mojito and Serie De Connoisseur No 1 in Havana :surprised:

I will raise all the questions you have asked at the Habanos s.a meeting and will duly report upon my return.

Look forward to seeing many of you guys at the Las Vegas Herf Sunday!

Keep Lisa in check while I am away. She is here until Sunday before she flies to Las Vegas.

Keep well!

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Rob, don't smoke too many Hamlet specials while you're there, and I sure wish I could be there in Las Vegas to share the experience with you! I'll do my best to hold down the fort, and during the Sit-Down (Sorry, I still can not use the term Herf :no: )in Vegas, Please use the phone and call me, you have my number!

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Above all else, be safe. Second priority, have fun! I'll be looking forward to hearing about the trip. Be on the lookout for special goodies to ship home!

BTW, what in the hell is "Thunderbird One"? An Ozzie version of Air Force One? Methinks you're getting a bit carried away with this macho "El Presidente" thing. Are you sure it's big enough for your ego?


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