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Hi Everyone,

I started buying cigars for investment recently (after the price hike lol). Are there any generally rule of thumb? I normally stick to the Cohibas, Trinidads, ED, RE, SE, large vitolas and aged cigars. 

My main sources are BR and LCDH, sometimes local retailer. Any other recommended sources? In view of the recent price hike, what sort of price increment should I expect in the next 5 years? 

Any brands, box year or series I should avoid? 



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Welcome to FOH!

AFAIK, recent boxes like 20-21 are good to go based on FOH reviews 🙂. For CCs you should avoid, Monte Open Series is one of the CCs you shouldn't buy since it has constantly received negative reviews for a long period of time.

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15 hours ago, Bendover said:

oops...... 😆 @Connoisseur Kim

Thanks for pointing out @Fuzz I was half asleep lol


No problem @Bendover! Feel free to ask us whenever you have CC-related questions 😄

19 hours ago, Fuzz said:

Raul? :blink:

@Connoisseur Kim Better change your name again. :P


13 hours ago, Nevrknow said:

Nope too late...... @Connoisseur Kim? Raul it is. Your stuck with it!  😂

Looks like I should call myself Connoisseur Raul too, which seems to be my new alias 😂 🤣

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