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Born into the American brand, Scott Montgomery looks back on five decades of aluminum fun


By Zap

The year was 1993, and I was headed to Sun Valley, Idaho, for the exclusive first ride of a new Cannondale called the Super V. I knew nothing about the bike, nor anything about the guy who was flying in to ride with me. His name was Scott Montgomery, and his dad was Joe Montgomery, the founder of Cannondale bicycles. Over the course of a few days we rode, crashed, talked about bikes and got to know one another. I‘m happy to say that our friendship has continued to this day.




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Did someone mention spandex? :lol3:

I rode a Cannondale Jeckyl 2000 with a Lefty front strut throughout my “racing years” in my 40’s. It was as innovative as it was tough, we did some crazy s**t together. Good times.



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Cool article, brings back memories!

Bought my first Cannondale when I was a bicycle messenger in DC in 1987 while in college. I couldn’t afford a Klein… but I loved that thing. The frame barely flexed when you cranked hard. Compared to the steel frames I rode, it was amazing. Traded the frame for another from the factory in 1991, swapped the parts, packed some bags and camping gear and pedaled it from Seattle to SF. Still have the bike, but it’s no longer the favorite.

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A friend of mine had a black Cannondale when I was in college and working at a sporting goods store in FL.  I was in love…. 
I ended up with a Cannondale mountain bike circa 1991 which I still own, but my road bike was very quickly changed to Serotta in 1993 and then again with a new Serotta ti/carbon upgrade in 2003.


If i could move without pain now I’d still be riding them…

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