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  1. Thanks again for the tips, and generous offer to deliver booze @Chas.Alpha and @Rhinoww ๐Ÿ˜€ We had a great time. Not one cigar was burned, but thatโ€™s ok. Pedaled a mobile bar between some breweries, went to a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp AAA ball game, ate too much, drank about the right and generous amount. Found some 18 yr Tullamore Dew. Cool city and beaches ๐Ÿ‘ Tore my calf muscle right before we left. Put the brakes on various activities, but I hobbled well enough with my stick. Hope to get down there again soon and have more unscheduled time and meet you all someday.
  2. @Chas.Alpha - thanks! Appreciate the info and the offer. If we head over to Island Girl, I will PM you ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Pure vacation, yep. Birthday boy and his wife are putting a group of us up at a resort there, we just have to get there. We go way back, but pretty damn generous of them. So... I need some special Irish whiskey, and sounds like Broudy's has some.
  4. A summer solstice Siglo IV LGR JUN 17 BCJ MSU JUL 18. After the Siglo IV tonight, this held its own. Might be my favorite Bolivar. And from the few days prior, from my "I end some days staring out into space with a cigar" life... A very good Partagas Short UER MAR 19 RASS MSU NOV 18 Tatuaje Miami Especiales. I've had a couple excellent ones. This wasn't quite there but pretty nice, a typical example.
  5. Thank you! Iโ€™ve been down there a few times, but itโ€™s been several years. The blast will be happening ๐Ÿ‘
  6. My wife and I are heading to Jacksonville (Atlantic Beach) for a friend's 60th birthday bash this weekend. He is an Irish whiskey fan, and since we're flying and not checking bags, I'd like to find some down there. Does anyone know of a place in Atlantic Beach or pretty close to there that might have a good selection? Also, I know at least one other person in our crew enjoys cigars, so we might head to... Island Girl Cigar Bar? Is that place worth the trip for a drink and a smoke? Thanks for any tips ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. Iโ€™ve only had boxes of 2019 Monte 1s, and one stick from the โ€˜21 Christmas sampler. Every one from 2019 has had tight draw problems or been plugged. The sampler stick was good though.
  8. That is often the time to buy--when everyone thinks things are bleak. That is, if you're into timing the market.
  9. PLPC LEP DIC 16. Everyone--stop buying these ๐Ÿ˜œ 2019 Epi 2 Padron 1964 Natural Principe. Nice. Padron 1964 Maduro Torpedo. Heavy, rich, overwhelming, wow. Too much for me.
  10. I had an awful Illusione Holy Lance the other night. I've had several now, most ranged from OK to pretty good, but this one just tasted like wet grass or dirt or just crud. No other flavors. People rant about CCs having consistency issues, but NCs have their fair share too. Shockingly good have been these boxes of PLPs from 2018/19 ๐Ÿ‘
  11. As mentioned, for your skin, DEET. 100% concentration preferably. Keep it away from nylon though. I've tried everything else. Some things work for a little while, but most don't do squat in the humid summer East Coast US evenings. Cigar smoke + fan seems to work well to keep the bugs from targeting me here.
  12. Anyone know when Monte started putting the "MC" mark on the bands? Just got out my UV light and found that on most of the Montes I have, but one box of 2018 M4s do not have it. They taste legit, but now of course I'm wondering.
  13. My first Connie 2, from the Christmas sampler. First third was excellent, which is always a bad sign... sure enough, the rest was a let down. But I think the others I picked up in January will benefit from some rest. Coloniales GLE JUL 20. The opposite of the Connie 2. First half was bland, latter half was excellent. Padron Anniversary 46 Year Maduro. I love Padron naturals, not as big on the maduros, but this was probably the best dark Padron I've ever had. Connie A BRE JUL 19 And the tastiest cigar I've had this past week, a PLP UBM ABR 18. Three boxes left, purchased in 2020 for $2 and change per stick. Hard to believe.
  14. Stating the obvious, but I think if Cuba can't supply enough cigars then there really isn't much else to discuss. We'll pay through the nose due to official price hikes or otherwise, and/or enough people will quit buying and eventually even the supply-demand curve some. Looks like it will be a while before much changes though.

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